The Ideal White Guy For The Black Woman

On Classical One's blog, as well as others, we always discuss what we as black women do to get the white man we desire, if we desire one at all. We discuss the type of white men that approaches us, but we never discuss the ideal white man.

I am going to put a list together of qualities I would want in a white man if I were single.

1. An attractive white man, not necessarily model quality, but one in remotely decent shape. I mean you can be a little underweight or overweight, but don't be completely disfigured and expect me to look like a model.

2. A white man within my age range. Five years older maybe, five years younger.

3. A white man with similar political leanings. I myself am personally liberal as hell, I don't know if a republican would be fitting, the arguments would get too intense.

4. A white man who can carry a conversation outside of sports. I like sports too, but I like a well rounded man who can talk about the news, arts, music, movies, and various other things.

5. A white man who is brave enough to buck societal norms and not give a damn. This would be a biggie for me. If you act like you don't know who I am in front of friends and family, you are a goner.

6. A white man who is brave enough to actually approach me, whether or not he assumes most black women are open to dating white men. Typically in my past, if I didn't express interest, a guy didn't express his interest. I used to always used to get a bunch of white guy friends, who would eventually ask if I was open to dating white guys, and then asking me if I wanted to date them. I rarely if ever got a white guy to blatantly ask me out, unless he was close in age range to my father.

7. A white guy who has a basic understanding of race relations. No one wants a guy who thinks of you as a "white" black woman. That is annoying, that or the guy who believes in colorblindness. That doesn't exist. Differences in race shouldn't be an issue, but should be appreciated.

8. A white guy who can be comfortable around other black people. A white guy who can trust you will not be hanging out with gang bangers and rappers on a regular basis is a really nice thing. A white guy who wouldn't feel intimidated to be around a bunch of black folks is always a plus. It means he doesn't assume the worst of black people. That and we can attend my family reunions without being scared.

9. A white guy who can appreciate"black features" on a black girl. Any guy who can appreciate my brown skin, my almond shaped brown eyes, my full lips, and my natural hair, gets kudos from me. Especially a guy who can appreciate my natural hair, which ironically I feel since I have been natural I get more love from white people than black people.

10. A white guy who is comfortable being white. Pretending that he isn't white, isn't really sexy, or pretend black guys, aka deuces isn't sexy to me at all. It just means to me, you are embracing a stereotypes, that I don't even embrace as a black woman.

Am I expecting too much from a white man?