Insomnia.....Gotta Love It!!!

Insomnia. This is a recurring thing on this blog. For a while I was doing really good. But the truth is my good night sleeps were slightly enhanced by sleeping pills. I have been popping them like they are going out of style.

I made the mistake of taking a nap yesterday, and as of 11:00 of last night I have been up. It is now 4:34 in the morning as I type this. I was determined not to take a sleeping pill. I woke up last night after having one of my morbid dreams. I have lots of freaky dreams. Usually they involved me getting chased, murdered, or raped. They obviously seem very real in my dreams, but as I wake up I am usually still freaked out, and that is usually when I drag my husband to bed to lay with me, and being the saint he is, he lays there. He asked me before he fell asleep did I need to take a sleeping pill. I was defiant and said no. I need to learn to sleep without them, and on most nights I do, but at least two to three times a week, I have an issue with getting up and staying up. I need to get on a normal schedule, as right now I can sleep or get up whenever I want. But soon, if I ever get assigned, I will not be able to do that.

So I spend all night surfing the internet. Can I tell you my most recent search was to determine if Ralphie May, the comedian ever lost his weight, and supernumerary nipples. Ralphie May even after being on Celebrity Fit Club and having gastric bypass, still weighs almost 400 pounds. He did however at one time weigh over 800 lbs, so congrats.

If these searches alone don't tell me I need to be reading a book instead, I don't know what does.