Just Because We Share A Complexion Does Not Mean We Share The Same Culture

In the blogosphere there is an issue that keeps rearing it's ugly head. African vs. African American or black American. It seems that in the racial hierarchy of America there is a distinction even between those of the same color.

I am going to sound a bit racist, but it seems that white people prefer non American blacks to us native born folks is because they have less hang ups. They work hard and make something of their lives.They don't blame racism for everything. My response to this is usually,is as an African American I don't sit around in my corner depressed and sad, doing nothing while pointing out racism. On C1's blog, a commenter who I assume to be a white person was talking about positive thinking. He felt positive thinking would curb racism, and after all, his Jamaican friend was successful and moved up in corporate America just fine. As if no African Americans have ever accomplished this in the history of America, and every non native born black person is successful and is able to live amongst whites who forget that they are black. What irked me more was the people, of course those who weren't native blacks or native blacks who have not lived in America for years jumping to this man's defense and understanding the concept of positive thinking as a cure to racism.

I've seen whites who feel that non American born blacks are better than regular blacks because of their hard work ethic, which us regular american blacks don't possess and they are easier to date, less hang ups, as they don't see racism, or it doesn't seem to bother them. Which in some cases, I think that to be true.

Then you have the non American born blacks who feel due to their color and their status in the racial hierarchy in this country, feel the need to stereotype how American blacks think, like we are some homogeneous group. We all think the same, do the same things, and have the same issues. We are all complaining, being lazy, and living in squalor, and when we manage to fit outside that stereotype, we are stuck up and classless people.

I've even seen people ask the silly questions of "Why do American blacks.....(insert stereotype here)"

How does one get rid of these perceptions. Why are so many so quick to embrace the non American blacks are better attitude or thought that is prevalent among non black people and non native black americans? It seems that it happens often.