MMM MMM MMM MMM and other stuff from high school

What happened to Crash Test Dummies? Who else has a song with this kind of title? Saw them in concert........in 1994!!!! With Violent Femmes, Digg, Material Issue, Crowded House, Eve's Plumb, The Toadies, and Tripping Daisy, who at the time was a local band that had the guy from The Polyphonic Spree. Was I not cool senior year of high school? Are any of these bands relevant anymore?

The Drop Nineteens, My Aquarium. I still have this on CD, I bought it at Bill's Records and Tapes. I hated that place for the simple fact Bill would actually not price anything, and depending on your mood, or if you had a gay guy friend with you, he would determine the price at the register. That was when I was excited about Good Records.




PJ Harvey