Ode To 80s Dance Movies

The "Fame" video inspired me. I need to post about the great dance movies of the 1980s.

My first movie I present to you Flashdance. She is a hard working welder by day, stripper by night, and aspiring dance student. What is not to like? As a child I didn't realize she was a stripping welder. I just knew she worked construction and danced sexy at night until she could get into dance school.

Our next movie, I have a personal connection with. My place of birth is the focal point of this movie, and in the movie, you can't dance on Sundays or listen to rock music in the small sleepy town of Beaumont, TX. I will say I don't ever think dancing or rock music was outlawed in Beaumont, TX, and that I am pretty sure that town had black people in it. I think the town is like 50% black. Maybe these white kids were sheltered from the black kids. I present Footloose:

The next movie I present to you put Patrick Swayze on the map. Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Sometimes I think of how big corporate companies take a trend and drive it into the ground. Take rap and hip hop. If I hear Lil Wayne one more time, I am going to beat someone. But big companies have always ruined things. Take break dancing for instance. This movie is one of those times they made something cool, uncool. Breakin' 2:Electric Boogaloo;

Note Ice-T is in the trailer. Note the acting is on par with the rhymes of T-Baby's "It's Cold In The D"

Bonus clip, I had to add this Alfonso Ribeiro commercial. This boy can dance. The Carlton Dance was just a front. He can teach you how to break dance and rap. Yes, rap.

Another dance craze exploited. Lambada: The Forbidden Dance. This movie was a hot mess. The main character is a princess to a remote rainforest tribe, and she saves the tribe and the rainforest by dancing the Lambada in LA. How this helps her tribe or the rainforest, I am not sure.

My final selection I pulled out all the stops. Sarah Jessica Parker. Helen Hunt. Shannon Doherty. Girls Just Want To Have Fun. I am wondering how old Sarah Jessica Parker is. She is playing a teen, yet she looks 30. Maybe it is the bad 80s make up. It aged folks I think.