One step forward, two steps back.

I saw this ad on myspace, and I noticed it was a black woman and white man. I was like, isn't that nice, a dating site that isn't necessary IR oriented showing IR love.

Then I saw the site name. Sugardaddie.com. Apparently this site is for people seeking to date "attractive, wealthy, and desirable people," otherwise gold diggers looking for someone to take care of them, and people with money who don't mind dating people they can pay to sleep with.

So I guess it means for a black woman to date a white man, he must be wealthy? Why must we keep perpetuating the stereotypes of the gold digging black female? I am sure there are tons of white female gold diggers, I have met a few in my time. How did we as black women get that stereotype? I have dated some broke men in my day, including my husband, when we first met. I know many black women who have dated not so wealthy guys.

I grew up with white girls whose ambition in life was to go to college so they could meet their husbands, and it was widely accepted as the norm. I don't know many black women who grew up with that sentiment. Black girls are typically raised to be self reliant, and with the current marriage rates of black women, this will continue, there is no "Knight in Shining Armor" tales for black girls to relate to in this day and age.

Why is it acceptable and even accepted for white women to expect a man to take care of them, but for black women when we expect the same, we have to be gold diggers? Why is this gold digger label not applied as a stereotype to white women?

Why couldn't this be an ad for match.com or eharmony.com or one of those other sites that seem to be a bit less sleazy?