Race vs. Gender

OK We have Barack Obama as our Presidential Candidate. Many women were upset Hillary didn't get the nomination. They indicated that Obama was too junior or inexperienced. People like Gloria Steinem and Geraldine Ferraro attributed his nomination solely to his race. Even Hillary and Bill got in on the "he's got there because he's black" diatribe. I know many people at the Democratic National Convention were going to do everything they could to let everyone know that Clinton was their candidate. Some staunch democrats decided that they will vote republican if Barack Obama gets the nomination. I don't have to tell you why that is.

Now McCain has selected Sarah Palin as the Vice President in his campaign. She is young, relatively new to politics, and pro-life. I personally think she was selected due to her ability to pull the woman vote, which I think she definitely will. NOW was upset that Oprah backed Obama and not Hillary a woman. Those same women will be eager to vote for Palin, who is a self proclaimed Feminist, and a member of the Feminists For Life group. She is pro-life, and opposes same-sex marriage, but I have a feeling many Hillary supporters who are feminists will rally behind Palin. Those who don't want to vote for Barack Obama for obvious reasons will vote for anyone like not him. So I think this will be a very close race.

As much as I think Barack Obama is the best thing since sliced bread, the republicans are using some great strategy to get those feminist and pro-women voters as well as the voters not so crazy about Barack Obama.

The republicans have drawn the line in the sand. It will now be a campaign of race vs. gender. CNN and other stations will be going to black hair salons every where to ask the black women if they are torn and how will they vote.