Boob Dilemma

I went shopping a while back with a friend of mine and as girls we sometimes share a dressing room to save time and ask how each other looks in the things we have picked out. I have a dilemma while shopping. I have floatation devices on my chest. These cause me to wear shirts that tend to be baggy, as I don't want to bring attention to them. Even when I don't try to, I still do. My husband is scared of me running for fear I will knock myself out, and even with the best sports bra or bras, I have been known to wear two at a time to minimize pain, I still have great buoyancy in that area. It is a blessing and a curse as sometimes people don't look at my face when I talk, which can be frustrating. That and the fact a button down blouse can turn into part of a naughty school teacher outfit, or if I get the shirt too big, I can look like a lumberjack, either or in some cases with certain outfits I am screwed.

Since it is a sin to be slutty, I tend to go for the lumberjack look. My friend in the dressing room looked at me crazy, and then told me she thought I was "bigger" because I wear baggy shirts. I told her my dilemma of hoochie vs. lumberjack, and she told me to go hoochie. My husband on the other hand prefers lumberjack. Now, I have actually blogged about my boobs before in determining whether or not I should through caution to the wind and just wear what I want to wear without caring if folks think I am slutty, that is unless I really do look slutty, then in that case I should be ok. But I should be able to wear a tube top or tank with certain safety precautions right?

Not a tube top like this:

But a tube top like this:

Right now these are around the house type items, but I want to be able to wear them out in public without fear of someone thinking I am working the streets.