Ike and newsreporters

As you know I am from Texas. I currently live in the burbs of Dallas, but I was born in Beaumont, have family all in Houston and East Texas. I say this because every area including Dallas will be affected by this incoming hurricane. So you do the usual phone calls to figure out, who got out and who decided to stay. Some didn't get a choice those in the golden triangle (Beaumont, Port Arthur, etc., and I must say since I mentioned PA, R.I.P. Pimp C) as they were faced with mandatory evacuations. Those people who decided to hunker down are under mandatory curfews, so no one is roaming the streets. Most businesses were closed today, and the grocery stores shut down early, and those stores that did stay open were out of EVERYTHING. My husband's grandmother explained to me today that she couldn't get any bread. She even went to the convenience store thinking no one else thought to go there. There will be no pizza delivery or chinese food delivery at their house this weekend, and with the way things are looking, not until early or mid week. Hopefully the media has hyped this up. I did find it funny that she called us concerned about our well being. We will just be getting a measly tropical storm, if that. More than likely just a tropical depression. They are the old folks about to get hit with the eye of an at minimal category 2 hurricane, and she is concerned about us. The good thing I can say about hurricanes is that I have only been in one, and those I know that have been in them, have always been able to survive them with minimal damage. You always hear the stories about people dying in basements trying to escape the rising waters, but never does this ever happen to anyone I ever know.

I know that the news coverage is working my nerves. I am trying to figure out why reporters flock to the danger and then try to find the most horrible place to report. I saw a reporter almost get swept away by the Gulf of Mexico thinking it would be wise to show great footage of the ocean and the huge waves. The pier was rocking underneath his feet and part of the railing broke away. We know it is a hurricane, we know it is bad, we will just take your word for it how hard it is.

The beauty of living in Texas is that the weather is very volatile. I have been in hurricanes, floods, tornados, hail storms, dust storms, sleet, and snow. We get 15 degree weather up to 113 degree weather. I remember once having snow on the same day in which it got up to 70 degrees. Where else in the world can you experience it all!!!!! Except an earthquake, I don't know if I can deal with an earthquake.

::update power is out, but the cell phones are working in South Houston. No power, no phone, no cell phone reception in Galveston::