IR Movies

This weekend, two movies will be released featuring IR BW/WM couples. The first is Lakeview Terrace. A IR couple moves next door to a black cop, who doesn't like the idea of their relationship and makes their lives hell, as he doesn't want them to be his neighbor. The other movie, The Family Who Preys, is about two families and how they are affected by a relationship between two married people.

I am not going to say much on either movie, as I have not seen them, but I feel I don't want to see them. These movies seem to have the same theme. A IR relationship between a BW and WM can only be doomed. It is doomed because a black man will make their lives hell, or it will be a dirty little secret and will cause harm to your family.

When are we going to have an IR movie that doesn't make everything seem doom and gloom. God forbid the relationship is between a white man and black woman. Hell might freeze over.