Is This Michelle Obama?

Thanks, Saqqara Soleil for showing me this story.

This is a bust created by Daniel Edwards, the guy infamous for his Brittany Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug on her hands and knees, Suri Cruise's first turd, and naked dead Oprah sculptures. Michelle Obama is being shown at the Leo Kesting Gallery. This piece is supposedly in response to Daniel Edwards disdain for a gold statue of Kate Moss done by sculptor Marc Quinn. Edwards felt the Kate Moss sculpture was racist and perpetuated a racist standard of beauty. In the letter he suggested that they make sculptures of those who show a different type of beauty, such as Stephen Hawking or Michelle Obama.

So I guess his answer was to take on the challenge himself. I think he completely missed the mark. He probably doesn't even understand why his sculptor could be construed as racist.

Honestly, lets look at this bust. Why is Michelle Obama topless? Wouldn't that Black Tail Magazine spread come to light by now if Michelle had ever even dared to so such a thing? How many other first ladies have had a bust made of them completely topless? I am all for being open and accepting of nudity, but why the potential First Lady of the United States? I find it funny that Michelle Obama throughout this whole campaign has managed to be labeled as every single negative stereotype of black women. Fox News referring to her as a baby's momma. The New Yorker portraying her as a militant angry black woman with power afro, camo,carrying a gun, and giving "daps" to her husband. Now we have the Jezebel, sexualized and exposed. What else can they throw at Michelle Obama?

Let's talk about the hair pick and the hair? Why is she sporting an afro pick? Contrary to popular belief, black people use combs and brushes, just like other races of people, especially when they have relaxed hair. Speaking of hair, what is up with the finger wave gone bad she has on her head? Michelle Obama wears a relaxer, why would this be a hairstyle that Michelle Obama would consider? Keysha Cole wears finger waves, not Michelle Obama.

FInally the door knocker earrings. Now you guys know I love and rock door knocker earrings on a regular basis outside of the work realm, but seriously when has Michelle Obama ever worn door knockers? I can see it now, the well put together suit, the simple pearl necklace and the 5 pound gold hoops. I don't see it happening.

Finally, why is Michelle tattooed? I understand she is part of the "New America" that Obama plans to bring if he gets into the White House, but why must she appear that she is so "down" for America she wears it on her chest. Could you see Laura Bush with her chest tattooed? Isn't she "down" with America too?

I commend Daniel Edwards trying to shatter beauty ideals, but really? Does this do Michelle Obama justice? Why wouldn't he do a bust of Naomi Campbell, Alek Wek, or Tyra Banks in response to the Kate Moss sculpture? Why would he choose the potential First Lady and sexualize her?