Nerd Love

*****If you can guess why I chose this guy to represent nerds, you rock!!!!!!*****

Today it is raining, gloomy, and just a plain old good day to sit around and do nothing. I am on my laptop, my husband is on his, he is playing some freaked out copy of Monkey Island, I am playing the Sims, and we are watching a national geographic show on time travel with Michio Kaku. Yeah we are nerds.

Every since I could remember I preferred nerds or geeks to jocks or preppy guys. I really can't say that as my husband is a great undercover geek, but give me a tall guy with some geeky glasses and I drool, no lie. Ironically the jocks and preppy guys are the ones who usually approach. I prefer a guy into music, movies, or art over a guy into football and basketball. I mean some sports are ok, and I will admit I have limits to nerd and geek like traits or characteristics, but for the most part I am all about the nerds.