The Alternatives.....Are They Worth Looking At?

OK I already voted, and I didn't go third party, I did the traditional two party. Here in Texas, the other candidates aren't mentioned on the ballot, they have to be written in.

I will tell you why I don't vote third party. It isn't because I think all the third party candidates suck. Let's be real, no one is representing all of my ideals. I don't think Obama is the messiah, but I do think compared to what we have he is a better choice. I will say I don't third party vote at this point and time because the American people for the most part are lazy about politics. No one wants to sit down and research every candidate to see their views and planned approaches to solving our country's issues, they look at what the media provides them, and the media simply ignores any party outside of the Democrats and Republicans. We also tend to vote for those who we think can actually win. I think Obama has a way better chance of winning than Cynthia McKinney. I feel McCain has a better chance at winning than Ron Paul or Bob Barr (is it me, or does Bob Barr look like he is part black, he looks like he might be octoroon or something, it is sad I am using the term octoroon in the year 2008). Looking at history, third party candidates just don't fare well during the elections. Ross Perot was considered the exception and he received only 18.9% of the popular vote and none of the Electoral College vote in 1992, in 1996, he only received 8% of the vote. I just feel that this is not the election to go 3rd party on. We have too much at stake. The economy is in a tailspin, we are in wars, and our education system is in shambles. So maybe in another election when we aren't suffering I might be experimental. I like Ralph Nader kind of sort of (even though he lied about dropping out of the race in 2000). I like the ideals of the Green Party overall, but I just feel that at this juncture and time a third party vote is a wasted vote.

How do we break free of the two party system?

Side Note: I once saw Ross Perot at Sam Moon, he was looking for cowboy earrings, if you don't know Sam Moon is where you go to get cheap jewelry and purses. Yes, they sell Goaches, Louis Buitton, Katey Spadeys, Cucci, Lermes, and other generic looks. Ross Perot is a billionaire and he was shopping in Sam Moon, then it is good enough for me. He didn't even have security around him or anything, he was just there asking the sales lady did she have cowboy earrings. I was steady shopping there, and still do, don't hate. I can rock Coach, I can rock generic no name, I have no shame in my game. Now let me get ready to see what is on sale at Old Navy and then off to Payless for BOGO.