Beyonce As Etta

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OK I've gotta say something to Hollywood, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find some diverse new talent, perhaps someone from an acting school. Quit letting people sing, dance, and act, especially if they aren't good actors. I am going to upset some folks, but Beyonce can barely talk, much less act, and she sure as hell doesn't hold a candle to Etta James in the singing department. To top it off her 15 pound weight gain does not bring her remotely close to the resemblance of quite healthy "plus size" Etta James of yesteryear(the pic I used was during her skinny years before the skinny years of now. Etta has since had gastric bypass and is now "normal" sized) Not to mention I am tired of seeing the same 5 "black" actresses in movies. Diversify!!!!!!!! I know there is other talent out there, and just because they aren't dating Jay Z does not mean they don't deserve a decent role.