Biracial, Multiracial, or Just Black?

Now how many white people would be eager to determine how much African in them? I find it funny the white woman they used in the second video, was actually a daughter of a man, Anatole Broyard who was a NY Times book critic who actually passed as a white man his entire life, and took his black ancestry to his grave. In the times his was living, because he was part black, he was born being considered black.

I am about to say something very controversial, so I am so sorry if I offend. I think that as a black woman married to a white man, I will have black kids, they won't be biracial. To me biracial is a concept created in the late 1960s and 1970s, before that, you were just black. Octaroons, Quadroons, and the like during slavery where overwhelmingly white, but that black blood in them made them black per the miscegenation laws of the time, and if we were to look at many blacks DNA and do background, I would say the overwhelming majority of black people with slave roots have European ancestry, and much more than many whites or blacks care to admit.

The concept of this is a shock to many white people. It is shocking to many that the concept of race mixing between blacks, whites, and native americans has gone on since the inception of this country and in my opinion, it wasn't all that rare of an occurrence. I believe on my topic on the TV show the Jeffersons, I made a comment on how I thought it was funny that the girl they used to play Jenny, the biracial daughter of Tom and Helen Willis was a black woman, and the amount of people who said it was because they couldn't find biracial actors or actresses back in that time (the late 1970s and 1980s) was a bit shocking. They tend to either be in disbelief or would like to dismiss it because in some of those instances, the miscegenation was not consensual, but rather rape, and the concept of a white person being related to a black person is a shock to the system, it is beyond their comprehension with the racial hierarchy put in place today that a possible relative would have either been a rapist, or even worse yet, someone who actually wanted and enjoyed the presence of black people enough to reproduce, miscegenation laws be damned. To top that off the definition of biracial will be extremely blurred if people actually find out their actual racial make up. What if the Barack Obamas of the world who are literally half black and half white would now have to identify with black people, who even though they have two black parents, DNA wise are literally 50% black and 50% white. How do we define being biracial at that point? Do we start calling those who are 75% white and 25% black biracial, and do we consider them white? If you are 50% black and 50% white do you start calling yourself what you look like or what you actually are? Some people blindly assume I am Indian, does that make me Indian?

I think I find these videos interesting because of the fact in my spare nerd time, I try to trace my ancestry, I think I am jealous of white people in the respect it is much easier to trace their ancestry, whereas with me I gotta work. I do have a bit of a leg up, as my family (mother's side) still lives on the land in which they were slaves (it was willed to them upon the death of their owner), and where they live is considered a historical marker, as the slaves were owned by someone of political significance, a Texas Legislator.