Has The Media Skirted The Race Issue In This Election?

Interesting response to their initial video, that I posted on the Black Republicans entry a while back. Al Jazeera received backlash for their report on the Palin rally held in Ohio in which there were some racist comments made as to why certain people wouldn't vote for Barack Obama.

I find for the most part on the mainstream networks, race has been discussed, but only in a round about way. Is it because as the man in the video said, we still are speaking in code about race? Or is it because no one wants to risk being viewed as racist?

Do you think that if Obama is elected the race issue will come to a head, and the discussion will really be had, or will we continue to talk over each other and not hear each other's side? Race is an emotional topic, and it is hard to speak clearly and succinctly in a heat in the argument without telling people off, but it really needs to be done.

In the year 2008, we have advanced in race relations, but at the same time we are not where we should be. We should be more enlightened about respecting and at least have a basic understanding of other races and cultures.