I swore I wouldn't do this.

OK This man is saying black women are not feminine and that is why he chooses to date outside the race. I hate people like this with a passion. If you want a white woman, get one, but don't use black women as your excuse as to why you want a white woman. Women who focus on their career instead of their appearance are manly. Apparently in his world, women can't do both. Also I love how he mentions "If he had to marry a black woman" as if a black woman would be his last resort. I am not going to comment any further on this man, as in my opinion he has some real issues, he has tons of videos all about how horrible black women are. What kills me is the amount of black men and black women eating this mess up. Why would any woman be ok with a man stereotyping and generalizing those who are like her, even if she doesn't fit into the stereotype? Why is it in his world all white women work out, when most white women, like most black women are overweight. Explain to me why in this day and age folks are still walking around with so much self hatred, they hate any and everything that they feel represents them.

What scares me most is that if black men feel this way about black women, what do other races of guys think?