Is Xenophobia Killing America?

White supremacy is not a lie... it's established fact.

White people run the world, and that's the truth.

It's because white people are blessed by God, because they adopted Gods chosen religion, Christianity and put it into practice (although imperfectly).

-An anonymous commenter on my "WTF? Senator Tarzan? Palin Ignoring Racist Remarks?" entry.

I always grew up thinking that this country was founded upon freedom of religion, as well as embraced the difference cultures of the world. I thought that was one thing that made us unique to the rest of the world, was that we weren't one homogeneous nation, but rather a nation of many different cultures and religions.

It seems to me that it is now socially acceptable to reject these notions, that there is only one true religion, that there is only one true culture, and that the other cultures and religions should be altered or assimilate to make the dominant cultures and religions more comfortable.

Are we in America, who are the unique position of not having a "true" dominant culture or religion so quick to group ourselves, that we are willing and allowing those who don't fit into our ideals to be maligned and pushed to the side, and openly show disdain for them?

This election has exposed this xenophobia. A reason for not voting for some is that Obama is a Muslim (he isn't). Why would that be a hinderance to any candidate that was running for President? Some believe that this country is a "white nation" and should remain that way. The unfounded fears of black retribution run wild in minds of some.

Another thing that has me concerned is the concept of "Pro-American" and "Anti-American"/"Un-American". Are there pockets of America that are more "Pro-American" than others? What is the true definition of "Pro-American"? It seems that we are entering a new era of McCarthyism, the fear changed from communism to socialism, and the definition of socialism has been altered significantly to fit into certain agendas. Will the House Committee on Un-American Activities be resurrected?

Is assimilation to the answer of making America united? Even if that was the answer could varying cultures and religions truly be accepted and assimilate?Blacks have been here pretty much since the inception of this country and have not truly assimilated and this Presidential campaign has made this painfully obvious. How does a culture or group assimilate? Why should a culture or group do so in a country that was founded by immigrants and on religious freedoms?