Sex Questions For Black Women Answered

Black women, for your educational purposes, I have put a list together for you about white men based upon the comments & questions I have received in the past.

No they don't all have teeny weenies, some of them are very well endowed

Some of them can last a long time and all night long

It isn't always pink, it comes in an assortment of colors, usually FLESH COLORED

Some of them do have rhythm where it counts

No they don't ask you to call them Massa, or call you the n-word in the heat of the moment at least not in my experience. Of course I am sure there are some willing to do so if you ask them.

I don't know if their semen tastes differently. I thought taste was based upon health and diet, not race.

Yes they do offer oral sex, I thought most men did, and if they don't they should.

Some of them do prefer big booties to big boobs

Some of them still like big boobs too

Yes, some of them don't know they can't grab a black woman's hair in some cases.

In some cases they can and everyone is happy.

The freakiness level of white guys is just like black guys, it varies on the person.

Yes, some of them find the contrast a turn on, but to be fair, I am sure there are black women who find the contrast sexy as well. I even admitted to liking the contrast a while back.

This is all based upon one white guy as I was a strict virgin before marriage. Yeah, for real I was....ok I wasn't, but still pretend I was.