Sex Questions For White Men Answered

::I'm tired of politics so I decided to be a pervert instead::

::I added the Damon Albarn picture for no reason at all, except that he is still dreamy and gets better with age::

In my dating days, I would often get questions of comments when it came to sex. I sometimes I am happy as all get out because my husband had dated black women before me, so we didn't have the gawky conversation that were a complete turn off. Most the time when these types of questions or comments were made, I would run away and end things in a heart beat. I am not about trying to educate people and prove to folks that black and white women are not completely different beings.

Here is a response to some of those questions or comments:

No I don't have an afro down there, like white women, I guess it comes in a variety of textures. I am not quite sure, as I do not sex up white women or other black women.

Yes, it is pretty much the same down there anatomy wise as a white woman.

If the rest of my body is brown, assume my areolas are not pink.

I don't know if it is tighter or looser is any different than a white woman. I have never had sex with a white woman or a black woman.

I don't know if my lips make for a better oral experience. I have never had white women lips to compare to, nor do I have male genitalia to make a comparison of white women lips versus black women lips.

I don't know if the smell or taste are the same, I don't go around tasting and sniffing coochie.

I don't know if I am any freakier than any other woman based upon race. I don't know if I am really freakier than any other woman out there.

I don't know if your privates are any bigger or smaller than the average black man.

If you hold my hand in private, but are scared to do so in public, don't freak out when you don't end up getting laid.

Contrary to popular belief, my goal in life is not to service as many white men as possible. Just because you are white, and I have a preference for white guys, it does not mean I am willing and able to just offer myself to you at your whim.

No I don't have sex with men who are opposed to interracial relationships, but not interracial sex.

Remember, if you have to think twice about asking it men, please just don't ask it, it will make whatever black woman you are trying to approach run away from you, or shank you on site.