Sexual Liberation Is Important

I went to Goddess Glory's videos today on youtube. For those who don't know, she is a sex worker, she does videos and works as a dominatrix(I think she does, if I am wrong, sorry). I don't always agree with her viewpoints, but I admire her, as she is someone who is very comfortable with themselves, and I often think most women aren't that secure in their sexuality.

Sexual Liberation is not important so that everyone can be freaks in the bedroom. But yeah it is. I grew up with women, like grandmothers and aunts who acted as if sex was a duty to fulfill for their husbands. It was a chore rather than a hobby. Sex was for marriage, and anything before that was absolutely forbidden. I have always been conscious as to how I dress, so I don't give people the wrong impression and that I wasn't a loose person with loose morals. I grew up thinking sex was bad, I guess to prevent me from actually having sex, but it was dirty to even have sexual thoughts. I thought for years I was weird to want or desire sex.

I am going to be brave and say I had pre-marital sex. With men who were not my husband. I lived with my husband for four years before we were married, just assume we might have had sex in that time period.

I am glad I was able to experience sex and realize it isn't necessarily something I do as a favor to my husband, but something I actually enjoy. I can be vocal and tell him what I like versus, what I don't. It is ok for me to say no when I don't want to, and ask him if he wants to when I do. It's ok to wear the short skirt sometimes, or get a little dolled up because you want to feel better about yourself. I don't think your feminist ideals go away because you want to feel attractive. Being sexy doesn't necessarily mean wearing revealing clothing, but dressing in a way in which you feel comfortable with yourself, that makes you feel better.

Am I saying you need to have the world's largest gang bang. No, not at all. With this liberation comes great responsibility, and I am not about burning, itching, and death for a good time, but I will say that sex isn't something shameful, as I was taught. That it isn't a bad thing, and it definitely isn't an obligation to appease my man or the person I am with, but myself.

As long as sex is consensual, with adults, and safe, it is ok to do, it doesn't make you a slut to desire and want sex.