White Men Can't Raise Biracial Sons and Daughters?

Per this guy a biracial child raised by a black man and white woman will be well adjusted and will learn how to cope in life with being biracial because they will have a strong black father, but if a biracial child is a product of a black woman and white man union, that child will be "soft" and will not know how to deal with black people. It is as if the mother doesn't exist to provide a "black" influence, and that whatever man she ends up with will be a weak white man who is "soft".

White men can be strong and manly, so why does this guy equate whiteness to being soft? Why is it in his scenario that a white man can't raise a child? White men have been raising children since white people were created. I am going to go ahead and get real for a second. Black women here in America raise black children all by themselves every single day, and sometimes they do it without black male interaction. Many times they do it successfully. So why would the black mother's influence have less credibility than a black father?

Then he goes on to say if he has a biracial daughter he will be able to help her because she will have "jealousy" issues from black women for being light skinned with long hair, and having all the guys after her. Why is it biracial mean automatically beautiful? Fugly comes in every race people, and yet he is holding the stereotypes of "light being right" near and dear to his heart.