Why Is This Fat?

If you haven't noticed in today's entertainment industry, these women are "plus size". If you go to various media sites (I know, 1st mistake) you will hear things like Tyra is "plumping up", Jennifer Hudson is a big mac away from Mo'Nique, or that Toccara is a dark skinned version of the stay puft marshmallow man. Or the debates about fat Janet vs. thin Janet. Even articles about Buffy the Body and how only black guys could be into her, as the white guy doing the interview didn't see how anyone could be attracted to her, as he likes women more "fit". I can say that isn't necessarily true, as I have only dated white men and I am built like a line backer. Of course I have dated white guys who pulled the, "you would look hotter if you lost 10 pounds" line(I had low self esteem at 18,LOL), but I know plenty ok with me not being a size 0.

I think my confusion of all this "fat" talk comes from the fact the average woman in America is a size 12, and that the majority of the American population is overweight. So why is it the beauty ideal has not shifted from the "thin" ideal? What is even more of a strange thing to me is prior to the late 60s and early 70s, the "ideal" model didn't look like they do now.

Marilyn Monroe was the "ideal" for many years, and she isn't small, I don't care what people say in terms of sizing getting larger, she was never ever "model thin". If you look at pin up models of the day, they just didn't look like models or actresses do now.

Marilyn Monroe, Thelma Todd, and Sophia Loren would have been screwed in today's industry.

Now my next question is this: Why do we still support the industry. Why is everyone watching America's next top model. Why are women still reading Cosmo, Vogue, and Marie Claire instead of Bitch, Bust, and Ms. Magazine? Why are we critiquing when a celebrity does lose or gain weight, and why are we shocked they don't always look flawless? Why do we expect folks to look airbrushed in real life?

I don't expect models to look 300 lbs, but why is it ok for them to look like they weigh 80lbs, and why is it people in the "general" population so quick to judge. I still don't know why Perez Hilton is so popular he trashes people, and dishes gossip, but yet his looks are severely lacking.