Brown or Blonde?

OK I don't know if I have shared this a ton of times or not, but I tend to have a preference for white guys with dark hair and green or blue eyes. Ask me what my husband looks like, and he fits this description. The majority of men I have dated tend to have this look or dark hair and brown eyes. A lot of black women I have met who have admitted to finding white men attractive, tend to go for this look as well, in particular the "Italian" or "Greek" look. It isn't to say I haven't dated guys that didn't fit into that mold, but if I were to look back, there were very few blondes or redheads in my dating selection.

Pretty much from the get go of noticing boys I have had an attraction to white guys, but as a kid and pretty much until high school, the guys I had crushes on were overwhelmingly blonde. I don't know if it is because being blonde was considered the ultimate in attractiveness. In the 1980s blondes ruled Bop and Tigerbeat magazine. William Zabka, Ricky Schroeder, Sting, Simon Lebon of Duran Duran, Limahl from Kajagoogoo. These were the hot men of the 1980s. It seems everyone in the 1980s dyed their hair blonde, women and men. As I got older that obviously changed as some realized bleaching your hair was a summons for split ends, fried hair, and in combination with Aquanet and/or Dippity Do; a fire hazard.

I think that sometimes subconsciously, the "italian" look for olive complected, brown eyed, dark haired guys make it more acceptable in the minds of many to date IR. Many times we discuss how much "Moor" blood italians have, and we make it seem as if they are honorary blacks or mixed race.

Personally I used to think that blonde guys were off limits because I expected them to marry blonde women and make blonde babies. Why I thought this I have no clue, but I think my focus for darker haired guys came when I got into the goth/punk/new wave scene, where dark hair and pale skin were all the rage. Again if you look at my husband, although not goth, very pale, very dark hair. Of course too, I don't recall being approached by a ton of blonde guys either. I guess that made me assume they couldn't be into black women either, as if my life is a barometer for every one, and you wonder why I call myself Siditty. It is all about ME.

It could be the stereotype of "Tall, Dark, and Handsome" that women of all races tend to go with. There is no "Lighter, Blonder, Better" saying when it comes to men, that is usually reserved for men in regards to their preferences for women.

Of course there are many black women who if they like white guys, love the blondes, but I think sometimes that since we have been told it was wrong to date interracially, many black women have tried to play it a bit safe by going for the darker complected white guys.

Maybe I am wrong on this, maybe I am bored out of my mind, maybe I just wanted to post something before Thanksgiving. Who knows?