Good Enough to F*ck, But Not Marry

In a previous post, I posted an interview about a white guy who dated and claim to prefer black women. What I found odd is that this man claimed to overwhelmingly date black women, but when he finally got married, he married a latina woman. Another thing that caught me off guard was now that he is divorced, he is dating black women, but doesn't want a serious relationship two years post divorce. An anonymous commenter on that post made an excellent point, there are white men who profess their endless love for Asian women, and they seem to have no problems marrying them, but for all the talk about white guys who like black women, few if any are actually married or have been in serious relationships with them.

So why is it asian, latinas, and other races of women are exotic, but yet still manage to be marriage material, where as black women are exotic, but only good enough to have sex or short term fun with?

If your preference and attraction is primarily to black women, why is it you would marry another more "acceptable" race of woman to marry? I understand you can't help who you fall in love with, but this seems to be an ongoing trend with white men. They claim to love black women, but yet most of them never get serious with the black women, or if they do, it never seems to work out in the end.