If You Have The Time: An Interview on White Men and Black Women with Alexyss K.Tylor

OK If you have the time to listen to the show, listen to it. I don't know how I feel about it. It seems the guy she is interviewing is into stereotypes. Warning this show is graphic. It is from Alexyss K. Tyler. The woman who does these videos:

Thanks Brodaica Californica for sending this to me.

My summary and critique of this interview:

The white guy sounds as if he dates pretty much only black women. He refers to himself as not being the straight laced white guy with no flavor. That sounds a bit stereotypical, but again he doesn't sound deuce like either even though he did claim he attended school with Ice Cube. He grew up Jewish in a family that was racist,, but he felt he was always comfortable with black women.

There was a great point brought up, Alexyss K. Tylor indicated that many black men have a preference for more "mixed" looking women, where as this man did not. He explained he has no preference and that he felt that came from a slavery issue, and that it usually isn't a factor because there is no expectation of the ideal black women to white men, they just want attractive women.

He does bring out the stereotypes of black women being more sensual, sexual, and more apt to affectionate in public. He also talked about the oral sex stereotype of white men vs. black men. He confirms that he as a white man does oral sex. He also noted that just not any white guy can approach a black woman. I guess you can't be the straight laced white guy with no flavor and still approach a black woman. He felt you had to be "down" and eat soul food. Yeah, he said that. I don't know how I feel about that, as it seems a bit too stereotypical. He did state he didn't want a Condoleeza Rice or Clarence Thomas types, he wants a black woman with soul. He wouldn't have dated me, I might have been "too white" for him. It seemed like he had a set perception of what a black woman is, and that was what he was attracted to.

He confirmed white guys have a hard time dating black women and that in the African American community a black women would catch flack and society doesn't always accept it. That the perception is black women aren't attracted to white men.

Alexyss also asked him did he feel black women were dating white men because of their needs not being met by black men. His response was interesting, and I think this goes to show the difference in approach in regards to white men and black men. Black men are a bit more direct, the manner in which they approach you is on a more sexual level, where as a white guy who approaches you does so on a "friend" type basis. Alexyss mentioned how black culture has kind of downgraded how women are treated and approached. Which is definitely true in MAINSTREAM hip hop culture. They made some great comments on the status of white women vs. black women in mainstream culture and how black women vs. white women are treated in society.

I was kind of cautious as this man said he always dates black women, but he married a latina woman, which to me gives me the red flag of black women are for a good time, but when it comes time to settle down you gotta go with someone "more acceptable". He is currently dating now that he is divorced, but he isn't looking for anything serious, but overwhelmingly dates black women. He feels sex with black women is better than white women. Alexyss stated she felt white boys don't have the same sexual hang ups of black men.

Overall, I think it was a good interview, it was very racy, the guy was cute, it was nice to hear about a white guy liking black women, but it did come off a bit of a stereotype fest.