I got tagged by Ehav to come up with the ABCs of my favorite films, although I don't know if these are my favorite films or the best that I could come up with given the letter LOL:

A -An Inconvenient Truth
B - Breakfast Club
C - Clockwork Orange
D - Dark Days
E - Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind
F - Fight CLub
G - Garden State
H - High Fidelity
I - Imitation of Life
J - James and the Giant Peach
K - Kill Bill
L - La Femme Nikita
M - Metropolis
N - Napoleon Dynamite
O - The Others
P - Palindromes
Q - Queen
R - Reservoir Dogs
S - Storytelling
T - Twenty Eight Days Later
U - Underworld (not really a favorite movie, just couldn't think of anything else, and I wasn't repulsed by it)
V - Virgin Suicides
W - Welcome To The Dollhouse
X - X -Men
Y - Y tu mamá también
Z - Zoolander