Passing The Love: The Brilliante Weblog Award

Keep It Trill honored me with the Passing The Love: The Brilliante Weblog Award, so I in turn, I pass the award on to some bloggers I feel I can pass the love on to.

My first passing of the torch goes to Pages From My Notebook. Dalyn gets it. His posts on race are great. They are insightful, well written, and gives people great insight on race and race relations. He also has some great art work to look at as well. Check out his post on being a hyphenated american.

Funky Black Chick provides a great blog, that is funny, insightful, and she shares a disdain of DL Hughley and his new show on CNN like I do. Great minds think alike.

Grata has a great blog where she discusses current news and events and gives great insight. Her blog is a great place to learn about international news and culture.

The Life and Times of JDR. This is a really new blog, I mean really new, but it is a great blog. For someone so young, this guy is smart, really smart, and not in a smart ass kind of way. He is well read, really intelligent, and has some really great thoughts and ideas. Definitely check him out.

Ugly Black John. I am not big upping Ugly Black John just because he is from my hometown. It isn't that at all, even though it doesn't hurt. The man is sharp, witty, and keeps me reading day after day. Check out his post about the collapse of the "Big 3".

The Mustard Seed is a great blog. Jack Stephens is genius. Hip hop, politics, religion, and race relations. A great combo. Read his post about Killing White Anglicanism.

Seattle Slim has some great commentary on race relations, politics, and natural hair care. You know I am all about natural hair care. Check out her Happy Nappy Head blog, and check out her post on "I don't need a man" disease.

You know I got to big up The Divided House. As you have known for a long time, Classical One created a blog that caused a stir in the IR blogosphere with White Men Who Prefer Black Women. He created a nice niche market of IR dating from the white male perspective. He is probably the only reason my blog has any traffic on it now. This blog however departs from that, and gives you a bit more insight into his personality, as well as some great insight on current affairs and politics. A definite good read. Check out his post on American Exceptionalism.