There Is No Humanity Only Self Interest

This post was partially inspired by JDR's latest blog entry and my husband. You should definitely check out JDR's blog, it is very insightful and an interesting read.

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My husband a few days ago was watching youtube and watching clips of Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t. The topic at hand was the American With Disabilities Act. I should preface this by saying my husband although socially liberal is also fiscally conservative, his republican friends are trying to convince him he is a libertarian as that is more socially acceptable than being a democrat, and as per usual, I digress.

His argument was why should any business or public place be forced to accommodate disabled people? Why should they be forced to hire and school people, as business owners and others should choose to do what they please. I wholeheartedly disagree with this mindset.

I think that people if left up to their own devices would not take care of those less fortunate, would not accommodate the disabled, and wouldn't want diversity or inclusiveness, unless it appealed to their particular group. People for the most part are selfish, this could be an American thing, but I think all people are that way. History proves this over and over. Proposition 8 proved this. Black people although people who have been historically oppressed, many voted to support a ban on gay marriage. Not comparing the struggles, but from one oppressed group to another, it should be something that we should consider before wanting to take the civil rights of others. On the flip side we have the members of the gay community offended by this and going to the extreme of blaming blacks for the passing of Proposition 8, telling people they did blacks "a favor" by voting for Obama, as well as some saying if a ban of Affirmative Action ever comes up, they plan to vote against Affirmative Action, as if it is solely a "black thing", not considering the other minorities and white women who would be affected by this as well. That and the fact many gay people tend to be forgetting that there are many people who are not only gay, but black as well, but I digress, again.

I feel the government has to intervene because of this. I know that sounds like big brother, but oh well, call me a socialist, but if left to our own devices slavery and segregation would have lasted a lot longer, disabled people would continue to be housed in institutions and treated as cast offs of society, people would have their kids drop out of school in the fourth grade, people would die of starvation, the homeless populations would increase, and women would still be considered in the legal sense as property. We needed government intervention to insure these things wouldn't happen. People for the most part only empathize and show compassion for those like themselves, they for the most part aren't capable or don't care to empathize with those not like them.

Look at the current economic crisis. CEOs and upper management of companies had lots of freedom and could have done great things aside from increase their salaries, instead they ran their own companies into the ground, while giving themselves raises, without regards to the fiscal impact it would have on their own companies, the jobs of their employees, or to the service of their customers. Most people with power and money don't care about people who don't have power and money. Most people who are white don't want to acknowledge or care about others who aren't white and can't fully understand the concept of discrimination outside of slavery and segregation. Most men don't care about the advancement of women. Most people don't care about the disabled, unless they are disabled or know people who are disabled. That is the way of the world.

My husband tends to think I have no faith in people and that I assume the worse. I guess he is right, but history tends to prove my view of the world versus the "give people the benefit of the doubt" view.