Why Blacks Are Excited About Obama Becoming President

Why Blacks Are Excited About Obama Becoming President.

The other night as my husband and I watched the election coverage, we became excited when we realized that Obama would become our next President. I started crying like a big sissy water faucet, I was so happy. The last two Presidential elections I voted in, didn't go in my favor obviously, so it was a delight. It was also awe inspiring to see a black man become president. My husband was offended that they kept focusing on Obama's race. I explained to him why race was important in this election and why exactly I was crying like a water faucet.

Just for the record, I didn't vote for Obama solely upon race, like many McCain supporters have stated. I voted based upon stances on the economy, health care, and education, to me it was just a plus to have a chance to get some diversity in the White House. I don't think that with Obama president, the world will join in perfect harmony, race relations are fixed, that all of America's problems will be solved, that I as a black person will get reparations, and that now as a black person it is my turn for retaliation for white people. We have a long hard uphill battle to regain what we have lost in the last eight years. In matter of fact, when he announced he was going to run for President, I was under the impression that he didn't have a snowballs chance in hell and that Hilary Clinton would probably get the DNC backing, not Barack Obama.

I cried like a water faucet because for once I had some REAL hope. Hope that race relations were getting better. 61% of Obama's votes came from whites. This election showed that race isn't the main issue, but rather other factors important to this country. The economy, education, health care, environment, and other factors trumped race. I sit on the internet all day seeing things on race relations, especially in regards to this campaign, and I became very frustrated and upset that the more things change, the more they remained the same. This election disproved my thoughts, at least on the scale in which race relations have remained the same. It made me think it isn't always that bad.

I realized that only 60 years ago black people couldn't even vote in some states, and now we have a "black" president. Think about how fast progress has occurred. Blacks for a long time in this country suffered, and for those literal centuries of suffering, we still struggle, but thanks to those before us, we aren't struggling as badly, and if we continue to deal with the struggle, one day we might truly be equals in the eyes of others, instead of stereotypes.

I am going to go ahead and tell some people a sobering fact, sometimes black people aren't considered "real Americans", we are rather tolerated as a necessary evil, rather than as equals in patriotism and the like. Well this election showed me that not everyone thinks that way. That I am as American as others, that I am not a second class citizen, and that we shouldn't ever think of ourselves that way. I know I have had the conversations with other blacks about Obama and the fact that white people would never vote for a black president, that as a child, you were told to reach for the stars in a career, but you also knew there were limitations. Now there is proof that even if there are limitations, there are ways around them.

So all and all yes, I am very excited that Barack Obama became president. I am hoping he leads this country away from the current direction it is heading. He is not going to be able to perform miracles, but he will at least be able to help dig us out of the hole we are currently in.