The 2nd Part of the White Man/Black Women Relationships Interview

Here is part II of the interview I posted a while back.

I was actually contacted by Mike, the guy interviewed on the Alexyss K. Tylor show via email and in blogger post. He's a very nice person, and he could have easily cursed me out, as he did feel that some of the things I posted were a bit unfair, but he talked to me with nothing but respect, and I appreciate that. If you didn't read the last post and my critique, I felt that he was a bit unfair in the fact I felt that he was a guy who wasn't serious about black women, but rather interested in sex and short term flings, but nothing serious. I gathered this from the fact that the guy had dated pretty much black women exclusively to his admission, but married a latina woman. I then followed up that post with the Good Enough to F*ck, But Not Marry post, that elaborated on why I think the way I did about his interview.

In a display of kindness, he provided me a link to the second part of the interview, and in this interview, not only do we talk to him, but to an ex girlfriend. It was pretty interesting :)

Just to give you my two cents on the interview. It does put things in a bit of a different perspective, he met his ex on Craigslist, the sex was great, but he actually wanted a bit more (he asked her to move in and told her he loved her), but the ex did not. Since then, the ex has moved to Atlanta (he is in California). The ex admits she wasn't ready for that step, and it was not due to him, but to her. So maybe he isn't just into the short term flings. At one point in the interview, he is completely quiet, and the ex and Alexyss talk about sex and the ex explains how sex was with him, and it sounded like they were very sexually compatible. You can listen if you want the nitty gritty, and with Alexyss, you will get the nitty gritty each and every time, so if you are easily offended, I wouldn't listen. I am a pervert hoochie and like listening to her shows, they are entertaining.

I guess overall the interview was great, it did make me think I was unfair about my belief that Mike was a guy who was into nothing more than flings and sex with black women. I still have my white male intention caution flag up in the air, but I always have that, and it is something I need to work on. The only real critique is this time not from Mike, but the ex. She made a comment about her roommate being interested in dating IR, but felt she was too ghetto, and was the type of woman that would get used by white men and be a dirty little secret, as if there is a certain type of black women white men are willing to date, and that only ghetto women could be dirty secrets. The black woman who always comes to mind when I think of the white men keeping black women as dirty secrets, had an MBA, and wasn't what would be considered "ghetto". I feel her skin color alone is why the man she wasted time with treated her the way he did. He was ashamed and didn't want to get the flack from friends and family. I think most white men would be that way, which is why I made this post, The Ideal White Guy For Black Women.