Questions For The White Guys

In my post about Mike and his second interview with Alexyss K. Tylor. Mike made a great comment in which he stated:

I also feel that the "white male intention" caution flag is no longer serving many of these women and is actually preventing them from having a wonderful experience with a white man.

I responded giving him my own personal experiences and dating past. I tended to date white guys in which I was "their first", they had never dated black women before. Even now, of the white men I know who do date black women, rarely if ever have these guys tended to get into serious relationships with black women. I am not saying these guys are open to the idea of serious relationships, but it does make me wonder how many are considering a serious relationship with black women vs. something more casual and less serious?

As we know most guys tend to focus on less serious relationships, most guys on the first few dates aren't thinking how their dates, regardless of race are going to react to meeting their parents. The concern is more about how they are in bed and if their dates are willing and able. The idea of a serious relationship to a guy seems a bit more of a daunting task than it is to women. I think that race would be a factor to most men in regards to this, in particular if their families might have issues with this. I think this is why white men in particular are more prone to dating "non-black" women. It is more socially and status acceptable to date white, asian, or hispanic women. Dating black women is depending on who you talk to a "beta" thing, not a "alpha" thing. I was once told by a white women, that white men who date black women do so because the expectations for white men are lower in those types of relationships. That black women tend to expect less in terms of education, job status, and social status than white women. I don't know if that is true or not, but I found it a bit offensive.

I attempted to put up a poll on this, but I don't think the poll was getting honest answers as I think anonymous polling leads to trolling. So I am blatantly asking the white guys. How many of you here have actually dated black women? Of those who have, have you ever been seriously involved with a black woman? If you haven't been in a serious relationship with black women, but have dated black women, what keeps you from taking the next step? Are you open to getting "serious" with a black woman? What type of black woman would it take for you to "get serious"?