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Birthing Babies

So me and the husband decided to be crazy and have a natural childbirth in a birthing center. My mother is scared to death. My husband is hesitant, but it is a compromise between me wanting to have the baby at home and a hospital to him. Plus the place I want to have my baby is right down the street from a hospital, so if I or the baby need to get transferred, they got it covered.

My mother is wondering why I want to do natural instead of an epidural assisted normal hospital birth. It is sad, but this documentary kind of pushed me to the natural way. I thought about it last time I was pregnant, but tI was scared out of it. Not to mention here in the Dallas area, we have an usually high amount of c-sections and I don't want a c-section unless absolutely necessary and I don't want to induce labor unless necessary, and not to fit around the schedule of my doctors vacation (I had a friend whose doctor did this, seriously). C-sections are major surgeries, even if the scar isn't all that big and can be concealed. Not to mention the US in general has a very high neonatal mortality rate, and we are one of the few countries in the world where people don't use midwives and instead prefer medical intervention. Coming from insurance, group insurance at that, I can definitely see how having a hospital birth is a money maker and how many times things are done not in the best interest of the mother, but rather to prevent legal action on down the road. Also C-sections are a win win for doctors, more money because they are surgery, and they are quicker to perform than traditional natural labor. It costs between 8K and 12K to have a baby in a hospital, and don't have twins or a c-section you are looking at easily over $20K, and if you are uninsured, how do you pay for that if you aren't qualified for government assistance?

I think the misconception is that midwives are untrained grandmothers popping out babies on kitchen tables who don't wash their hands and chew off the umbilical cord and then cook up the placenta right after delivery. The midwives at the two birthing centers I am considering are all former Registered Nurses, the all have Master's in Nurse-Midwifery, and I am pretty sure they won't chew off the umbilical cord or cook up my placenta. The nurses in most hospital deliveries do most of the work anyway. They also have modern equipment and don't rely on lots of sheets and water. Technology that has been used in hospitals is the same technology midwives have access to.

I hope I don't sound like some dirty hippie, but honestly I think this is the best choice for me. I am not an advocate, just someone kind of tired of justifying my choice to family members over and over.


How I Grew Up

This is a request for Abagond. He asked me to give you guys insight on how I grew up.

I grew up sheltered. I guess that is the best way to put it. I was born in a town that was 50% black, but pretty much lived in an all white area, went to an all white private school through 1st grade, and then we moved to another town for my dad's job. Again the same thing. I lived in an all white neighborhood, went to a practically all white private school, and then we moved a few years later. I for three years went to public school, a predominantly white one (but with an almost 10% black population) and lived in a predominantly white neighborhood. My first real exposure to black kids. They made fun of me, told me I thought I was white, told me I talked like a white girl, and that I thought I was better than them because I lived in a "brick house" (like brick was the epitome of wealth, in Texas everyone has a brick house just about). Yeah that scared me off of black people for a while. The white kids for the most part didn't say anything, but some did the whole, "my parents would like you, you aren't like the others" bullshit that I loathe now. I got white friends who parents would say the same thing. I had a few who told me I didn't know my place and that I needed to learn to be "black". That and during black history month they would apologize for slavery. I would always have some white kid beg to tell me a funny n*gger joke and then say "no offense". That happened at every school. It was par for the course being around white kids. I was only called the n-word a few times. I was called a "spic" in kindergarten and once the boy next door called me a "black girl", I cried both times, because they said it mean, and I wasn't sure what a "spic" was, but I knew I wasn't good.

Then we moved again, this time to where I went to high school. I moved to a practically at the time all white suburb and went to the school in the same district my mom was teaching. I went to high school there and freshman year I was among three blacks in the whole school, by graduation I was one of maybe 30 blacks kids in the school, I was one of six in my graduating class. Between freshman and senior years there was a group of black girls in the grade behind me, who absolutely hated me. They would sing the Oreo cookie song whenever I passed by. One of those girls tried to fight me, upset that I had taken a boy she liked. In reality the boy was gay and we were friends. I found it odd she wanted to fight over a white boy, considering how she felt I was just too white myself. High school made me scared of black folks too.

I then went to college. I ran into a few black folks that would talk crazy to me about talking like a white girl and liking white things, but for the most part I was able to find black folks, and decided at age 18, I was black, before then I was in denial. I started listening to Public Enemy, De La Soul, and the like. I found hispanic and blacks folks to hang with in college, but I had my fair share of white friends too. I met my husband hanging out with hispanic and black folks a few years later.

I still get made fun of for talking like a white girl from both whites and blacks, it doesn't bother me, I refuse to shuck and jive for folks to show them how "down" I am. I probably have gotten a bit more militant on race issues, that is due to me being old and grumpy, and that makes me more pessimistic.

What Does It All Mean???

So occasionally I have a series of crazy dreams. I can't ever remember them all, but they usually involve me being kidnapped, threatened, or held prisoner. The reason this dream was so weird was that the crazy folks I was dealing with were Robert Downey Jr. and some guy I saw on a episode of intervention. It started off I was drinking in the backseat of a car with Robert Downey Jr. and some unknown girl in the front. Why I was drinking alcohol in the back of the car like a whino, I don't know. I have never done that in my life, not even in college. For some reason it was late, and there was a car driving in slow in front of the car I was in, and it was a one lane road (that could come from my real life frustration of driving on roads near my home (it is normal to get on a road driving behind someone going 20 miles under the speed limit, no lie. FRUSTRATING!!!!) . Well Robert Downey Jr. got frustrated and rammed the back of the car. The guy stopped his car, got out and for some reason got in our car. Robert Downey Jr. then strangled the man and killed him, left him on the side of the road and kept right on going, like that is normal. We then went back to what I assume was his house. I decided I had enough excitement (wonder why?) and wanted to go home. Robert Downey Jr. decided I shouldn't go home. He pulled a razor on me and told me to stay there, I did. I decided I was going to wait for him to go to sleep and leave, but when I did that, he would quickly wake up and pull a gun on me as I got into my car, each and every time. At one point in the dream, after several times of trying to leave, at one point I just decided to lay down and go to sleep. Well he got mad I didn't tell him I was going to sleep, and then a razor came towards my neck and I had to fight him off. I don't know my dreams never seem cohesive, but I ended up living in a house with both Robert Downey Jr. and the guy from intervention, where whenever I left or tried to escape or even tried to go to bed, I got threatened with guns, knives, and razors Eventually I was able to call the police, but they never came. I eventually found a knife, so I decided to escape. As the guy from intervention tried to attack me, I started cutting him. I then escaped through a window, screaming fire, fire, trying to get the neighbors attention. Then I woke up.

What the hell does this mean? Why am I now scared of Robert Downey Jr. as if I actually hang out with this man?


My Problem With The Biracial/Multiracial Movement

"If I'm outside your building trying to catch a cab," he told Charlie Rose, "they're not saying, 'Oh, there's a mixed race guy."

-Barack Obama

This man is my problem with the biracial/multiracial movement. I have said this before, I will say it again. MOST BLACKS IN AMERICA are multi-racial. Most of us with slave ancestry are mixed. Since I have gone natural, people often ask me what I mixed with due to my "multi-racial" hair texture, and I simply say black and black. There is no need to go back and claim the Native American and European American ancestry that does not claim me. Obama identifies a black man in America. I realize he has a white mother and African father, but he HIMSELF identifies with being black. So why is the multiracial/biracial movement upset at what Barack chooses to identify as? White people and biracial/multiracial people have been trying to point out what is obvious, he is biracial, but they seem hush hush on the fact that he identifies as black. It is just a way for some white people to justify how a black man managed to get into the white house, and for the biracial/multiracial movement people to claim a man who really doesn't want to be claimed.

Now being a black woman who is currently pregnant with my white husband's baby, I can't understand how anyone would be offended if someone assumed my child was black, or if my child was white. Obviously the baby with be both, but dang, why would that be offensive? If I know what my child is, why should I care what others think about my baby? I don't give a damn what others think about my relationship with my husband, if I did, I would be in trouble.

I hate the assumption that being mixed race is a recent thing and didn't occur until black men and white women got together. Since the inception of this country, white men and black women have been making babies. The early miscegenation laws were targeted to prevent white men from sexing black women, not black men towards white women. Back in the days of segregation mixed race folks sat on the back of the bus with black folks, so it didn't really matter, to many white people which parent was white, you were black in their eyes. In fact, many white people regardless of the belief, still hold on to that mindset. The racist jokes and comments made about Obama were not about his whiteness, but his blackness.

I think another issue I have with the biracial multiracial movement is this, there is much venom towards the black community, but never the same venom shared with the white people, as if these people's goal is to distance themselves from being black and assimilate into whiteness. I get tired of hearing how evil black people are, and how badly people treated them. Growing up in predominantly white areas, I can say not all white people are pleasant and loving. Some are intentionally mean, others are just ignorant and offensive. Not all whites are that way, but I would hate to think all blacks are like the blacks I ran into during my summers at the YWCA, where my mother tried to have me exposed to more black people, or to the black kids in middle school who taunted me, or even some of the crazy black folks in college. Maybe it is because I have learned to surround myself with black people who tend to be a bit more like me, or ones that are accepting of diversity of the black race and don't fall into the stereotypes of black people all being poor and from the ghetto, speaking ebonics. I got treated badly by both blacks and whites. I have experienced racism from asians and hispanics. So why would I assimilate to any of those cultures or embrace the stereotypes, if I don't want to be stereotyped myself?


Grandparents and Father In Laws Oh My!

So we made our normal trek to Houston last weekend to visit the grandparents. For all those interested, yes we stayed at a hotel, but on a positive note, I saw no sign of one of the main reasons why we stay at the Marriott versus their home though :)

Anyway when we visit we always visit the whole family. Cousins, uncles and aunt, and the father in law. I have said this before my husband has a distant relationship with his father for many reasons. His father is just a different kind of man. He is nice, he is open and welcome, he is excited he is about to become a grandfather, but he is completely misguided about race and race relations like the rest of the family.

Well we normally sit in their formal living room and chit chat, and have conversation about jobs, the family, etc. Normal stuff. He again refers to his former boss, as "as you know, that black guy", and for some reason we were talking about the economy and how things need to change. For some reason this became a discussion into hispanic immigration and how the neighborhood has changed from being all white to majority hispanic. No one else was talking about his, but his father, this discussion on race came out of the blue. My father in law said "The Mexicans come here and have infested the places like rats and roaches". My husbands grandparents remained silent. My husband on the other hand, was like "what do you mean?", in utter and complete shock and disbelief, anyone would have the audacity to say such a horrible thing. His father then backtracks, and says "that is what they say, it is just a saying" and then the conversation is dropped. Now most the time I hold my tongue, but my husband has decided he is going to tell the truth. So he is calling folks out. I love my husband :)

Now on to religion, as we arrived, his grandparents were having a prayer session with two evangelicals that knocked on their door. They invited us to join, my husband promptly declined and we stayed in their office, while they had their prayer session. We also kept forgetting to pause for the family to pray. I find it odd that the family is still praying together considering we have non denominational Christians, and new Jews for Jesus. I have never met Christian converts to the Jewish religion, and they seem not to be aware of the fact their own religion believes that being Jewish is a birthright or a result of parentage, regardless of religious beliefs. According to my husband's uncle and aunt, the traditional Jews are still going to hell because they don't accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am confused by this logic.

All in all the trip was good. The bed at the Marriott was awesome, I am contemplating buying some of their pillows and bed linens. My husband loved the pillows and are still talking about them. We also enjoyed spending time with family aside from the few uncomfortable moments.


Benson Was A Butler!!!

Damn, I thought Robert Guillume didn't play a butler on Benson, but he did. Benson is a spin off of Soap, which on that show he was a butler, he left there to become a butler for a Governor, and later in the show he got promoted to budget director and then was elected Lieutenant Governor.

Benson also starred Missy Gold, who is the sister of Tracey Gold.

and I am just throwing in Webster for good measure. ABC's answer to Diff'rent Strokes:

Post Racial America: Oscar Grant

Here is some more video, from a different camera.

Here is some interesting analysis of the shooting.

Thanks Agabond for bringing this to my attention.

Oakland shooting fuels anger over police brutality
The Associated Press
Friday, January 9, 2009; 9:50 PM

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The videotaped killing of an unarmed black man by a transit police officer here has inflamed long-running tensions between police and many African-American residents.

Public outrage at the New Year's Day slaying of 22-year-old Oscar Grant intensified as grainy footage of the shooting played repeatedly on television and the Internet, while the officer remained free and not charged with any crime.

Dozens of black community leaders and residents berated Bay Area Rapid Transit officials for hours at a meeting Thursday, the morning after demonstrators torched cars, smashed store windows and threw bottles at officers in downtown Oakland.

More than 100 people were arrested and about 300 businesses were damaged Wednesday. Three of the people arrested during the violence were arraigned Friday on various charges, including vandalism, arson and firearm possession.

To many, Grant's death is the latest in a series of incidents _ from a deadly shootout with the Black Panthers in the 1960s to the fatal shooting of another armed man in July _ that have fueled mistrust of the police.

"Oakland, unfortunately, has had a history of treating the African-American community unfairly," said George Holland Sr., an attorney who heads the Oakland chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "The community has a great distrust for police officers because they feel they can't be punished."

Harry Williams, an Oakland minister, viewed Wednesday's violent street protest in the context of that perceived injustice.

"People are just fed up, and Oscar Grant is the match that lit up the dynamite," he said. Many residents perceive the police as "keepers of the gate instead of servants of the people," he added.

Grant was the first person killed by BART police since 2001 when a 42-year-old man was shot at a station in the nearby city of Hayward, said spokesman Jim Allison.

Despite criticisms from some black leaders, Oakland Police Department spokesman Jeff Thomason said the department reaches out to the community to work cooperatively to fight crime.

Thomason defended the 826-member agency's use of force, saying that fewer than one percent of contacts between officers and suspects result in shootings by police. There were 10 last year, including six fatalities, he said. No officers involved in shootings since 2004 were charged with crimes, and so far none have been fired.

"Officers are not going out there trying to gun down people," he said.

Grant, a supermarket butcher with a 4-year-old daughter, was one of several men detained by BART police responding to reports of fighting on a train full of passengers returning from New Year's Eve celebrations.

Amateur video by several onlookers shows Grant being pushed to the subway platform before an officer fired into his back, killing him.

Grant's family and community leaders have called for the prosecution of the officer, 27-year-old Johannes Mehserle. The Alameda County District Attorney's office is investigating, as are the Oakland Police Department and BART.

Mehserle resigned from the agency Wednesday but remains free pending the investigation.

Friction between law enforcement and Oakland's black community has persisted for decades. In 1968, Black Panther Bobby Hutton, 17, was killed by police during a shoot-out. More than 2,000 people attended his funeral.

Public confidence in the Oakland police was further undermined by a corruption case involving several officers known as the Riders who were accused in 2000 of planting evidence and assaulting drug suspects. The officers were fired but were eventually acquitted in two separate criminal trials. A judge ordered the department to implement reforms, and Oakland paid $11 million to 119 people who claimed they were abused.

Sociologist Benjamin Bowser of California State University, East Bay said a confluence of factors _ high unemployment, cutbacks in social services and a police force operating in a high-risk atmosphere _ contributed to the anger after Grant's slaying.

Before Grant was killed, many black residents already were outraged by the fatal police shooting of Mack "Jody" Woodfox, 27, after a car chase in July.

Authorities say Officer Hector Jimenez fired his weapon because he believed Woodfox, who is black, was reaching for a gun, but no gun was found. Jimenez is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

"There is a sense of frustration that the system is not responsive," said attorney John Burris, who is representing Woodfox's family and has filed a $25 million claim on behalf of Grant's family. "There is a sense among African-American youth that police accused of misconduct against them are not held accountable."


Associated Press writers Terence Chea and Evelyn Nieves contributed to this report.


I Don't Understand Israel/Gaza Conflict

Please forgive me if I offend anyone. I know I am going to, but I don't understand the U.S. unyielding support for Israel, no matter what. Number 1, I never understood why the Jewish people were given land that already had occupants on it. I don't understand why people wondering why those former occupants were upset. I don't get the current actions of Israel right now.

Why does America support Israel come hell or high water? I understand that from aspects of the Torah, the land is supposedly Jewish land, but outside of religious texts, what rights does Israel have to exist? I understand that back during 628 the Jews did live there and were expelled, but do we really want to go back literally millennia to lay claim to certain lands and remove the existing inhabitants? If so the very existence of the U.S. is in trouble, as well as various other countries.

I also can't help to think of the overwhelming lack of support for the mere concept of reparations for slavery and injustices done to black people in this country, while it seems perfectly ok to expel other people from land to give it to someone else, to make up for injustices done to a particular group.

I just finished reading this op ed piece from former President Jimmy Carter. Why is Israel backing out of the cease fire, I know the Hamas is per America a Muslim terrorist group, but why is it that Israel is kicking ass now, and taking names later? To the detriment of the humanitarian efforts they agreed to. Killing children in schools and killing people in U.N. trucks who are trying to provide help to me seems a bit.....wrong.

Even the Red Cross is getting upset.

I think this current conflict has confirmed my questions about America's love affair of Israel. I never understood it, and with the current actions of Israel, I still don't.

Am I wrong to question the love affair, am I wrong to question Israel? I do want to note, I have nothing against the Jewish religion or Jewish people, I just really don't understand how and why Israel is recognized, considering the manner of how it came into existence. I also want to note, I am not a Hamas fan, nor am I saying the Palestinians are complete angels with no blood on their hands either.


I love this video. It is in response to this video.

Shahrazad Ali

OK I have done two posts on this woman, Shahrazad Ali. You can find them here and here. This is a woman who believes men should be able to hit women, when they are out of order. That we have smaller brains, and that we need to basically wait on men hand and foot and get nothing in return. As you can tell, I disagree with her, but these posts that are very old, still keep getting responses. So I will post my latest response to these posts. Again this is from a black man, I have noticed a spike in a certain demographic of black men reading this blog, and unfortunately the uglyblackjohns, rippas, and mr. noface demographic ain't what I am getting. There appears to be a "black men need to take control of black women" movement on the internet, in which folks completely embrace Shahrazad Ali.

Here is the latest comment I received from a Shahrazad Ali supporter, who happens to also have a blog:

hello miss sidity

i did a google search for shahrazad ali and found your post

hopefully you will be open minded about my comment and post it for some open discussion

some havent been in the past

but if you dont i dont care

black women are out of control

they thnk they can say whatever they want to whoever they want and in most cases they are not checked by brothers because brothers dont want to be ostracized by women

the black woman has a lot of problems

and i dont think they should be ignored

you all have completely gone out of your ever loving mind because you all are completely alienated from your original nature

it is the mans responsibilty to go out to protect and procure resources for his woman and his childen

woemn have other responsibliites

when a woman is forced to perform characteristics that men would normally do she has a great deal some of her femininty

she has been forced outside of her true nature and thus takes on manly characteristics in order to cope with her stressful lifestyle

of course the black woman has been put into this situation since slavery

which means what:

The white man is responsible for our seperation and our hatred of each other

divide and conquer

thats what it is now and that is what it will always be as long as we are under there control

and we still are

thank you

evn if you dont post this your post helped me to articulate my thoughts in a way i wouldnt have done before

Now I am sure you guys know my feelings on this subject, but what are your feelings?


Dear Anonymous

A while back ago I made this post about why BM/WW IR is more prevalent than WM/BW IR. Last night I received a response to this post via the comment section from an anonymous. This was the response:

You black women just got bamboozeled!The white women are masters of keeping a man.They know how to shut their mouth when in public,help stick by him so he will be able to buy her that house and car.And we black men have great respect to find a white woman to stick with black in this race based world.Tell me black women describe the welfare case worker that told you to kick out the father because he is no good!Yes that's right the white woman.You see a black woman don't want to go with a man that gets his hands dirty for a living even though we make 40 to 100 grand a year with super benefits!White women have respect for a man that does labor work.Without labor work you would not have roads,cars,houses,food,hospitals,etc. etc..Now do you see how people look at as stupid for turning down this great supply of good men!The white women deserve black men because they know how to build a man up!We black men are not no damn movie stars we are just regular people,we don't want to be used for someone to try to live like they are some movie star!That's why black women are single and DESPERATE as hell on a crisses level .Clean up your act you stint wash and doush,learn to cook,keep your mouth shut in public,stop telling everybody all about your damn personal life,stop going out all the time like your a paid caberay singer,Until you learn what to do with a man stop begging for one.You did not even care about the black man until the white women picked us up,you had us to yourself for 400 years through slavery and racism.You talked about us and treated us any ole way because we had no where else to go.Now the black man starting get the reconition he deserves your caught without a man and holding onto a welfare check or working in a high rise overly dressed to hide that ain't got no man.And no the white man ain't gonna pick you up because he done had you for the last 400 years!Sparks fly between us black men and white women but black women white men battery been ran out!!!

I do not think white women are master's at keeping men. My mother has kept a man for over 35 years, I have aunts who have managed to keep men, I myself have kept a man for over 9 years. We are all black women. I know countless many white women who are single and divorced. Just because one manages to get married, doesn't mean that they stay married.

I am sorry, but I don't think all white women are stepford wives, and I do think it is odd you think women need to stick by their men so they can get a house and car. Black women never had the luxury of sticking by men, and we learned to obtain a car and house on our own, like many white women have.

Black women statistically are expected to marry men who are less educated and with less income than them, not more, white collar or blue collar. So that what you stated is not true. I went to college with many a white girls whose major goal was getting a Mrs. degree. I know many gold diggers of ALL hues.

As a black woman I can say I am not desperate. I am in a healthy, loving relationship. I know many black women like this. We are not all desperate. The marriage rates of black men and black women are not vastly different like you want to believe. 41% of black men and 43% of black women have never been married. Some black women do build up black men, but some black men don't like yourself don't want black women, and see what you want to see.

Newsflash, black women wash and douche. Some of us know how to cook, and some of us know what to do with a man, but sometimes we waste that knowledge on men not deserving of us. Men like you.

I will inform my husband he no longer loves me because he as a white man has had 400 years of me. I will also note that the biggest benefactor of welfare is WHITE women, not black women. I know lots of overly dressed people of all races working in high rises who are single.

All in all, it seems your comment was the typical lashing out at the thing you claim you want nothing to do with. I realize white men are not saviors, and that good men come in every race, why have you not figured that out? White women are not the answer to every black man's prayers.

Thank you,



Bad Boys: Why?

I've never understood the attraction to "bad boys", i.e. thugs, gangsta, from the streets, a hood, or "soldier". I don't like folks who are prone to prison or jail. I have had no desire to date a man who treats me like crap. My idea of a bad boy was a guy who claimed he was an anarchist and dyed his hair blue. He was more of a sideline anarchist and never was one to put his anarchy into motion. I dated a bad boy once, it just wasn't my cup of tea, and to be honest he was really a deuce, not a bad boy.

What is the attraction to men who are "hood"? In the videos I posted one woman said she needed a man who was aggressive and that bad boys were better in bed and more experienced. Personally I think nice guys can have experience in bed, and maybe the quiet ones don't have to brag so much about how good they are in bed. Nice guys can go bad in the bedroom, and no one is going to complain. I just don't want you beating the hell out of me, or knocking me up and running off outside the bedroom. I also like to be respected on occasion, and not treated like a bitch or "ho". I also don't understand when did nice guys quit taking care of women? I thought the nice guys were the ones who stuck around, not left folks high and dry like the bad boys? So what is the attraction for the ladies who like their men bad? I don't get it.


Blacks Gone Wild: John McWhorter Proclaims Racism In America Is Over

John McWhorter, a black conservative (or I assume since he is affiliated with the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank), wrote this article for Forbes.com. Mr. McWhorter is under the impression racism is now just superstition. His proof: Barack Obama is president.

Mr. McWhorter is out of his damn mind. Either out of his mind, or he knows how to rile folks up. This man makes some great stretches to prove his point that racism is dead in America.

I am not going to waste my space, but posting the whole article here, but I want to go over some excerpts so that you can either agree or disagree this man is on crack and has mentally gone buck wild.

It's not an accident, however, that increasingly, alleged cases of racism are tough calls, reflecting the complexity of human affairs rather than the stark injustice of Jim Crow or even redlining.

The cases of racism are now a tough call, because unlike Jim Crow era racism, it isn't as blatant, it is subtle, and it is coded. White people know not to call black folks the n-word now. That isn't a surprise, but it doesn't keep them from calling us Canadians.

But anyone who wants to take this line from now on will have to grapple with the elephant in the middle of the room: the president of AmeriKKKa is black. If the racism that America is "all about" is the kind that allows a black man to become president, then I'm afraid the nature of this "all about" is too abstract for me to follow, and most Americans will feel similarly. It's time to change the discussion.

The President of America identifies as black, but many white people who voted for him are quick to point out he is half white, and I don't think that hurt him with the white votes he did receive. I think in desperate times, like we are currently in, we are willing to set aside race to look at other factors in determining our President. I think having Bush in office the last 8 years was a plus to the Democrats, no matter who ran for President. Also note, did we forget the racially charged election we had. From Obama Waffles, the nooses in trees, to the accusations of using the race card, accusations of big black men attacking poor little white girl John McCain supporters, or Monkey T-shirts with Obama '08 on them. Did race not rear it's ugly head in this election?

As such, all of the AmeriKKKa-type rhetoric is now performance. Acts of racism should be condemned, of course. However, the gesture of claiming that each such thing should "remind us" of the dirty secret of what America is "still all about" now qualifies as a superstition, like hanging garlic in a doorway. That is, the 2005 movie Crash, in which prejudiced Angelenos take out their grievances on one another, was a melodrama, not a reflection of The Real America.

Racism is now superstition? It no longer exists because we have a black president? I am shocked and amazed by the complete ignorance feigned ignorance Mr. McWhorter possesses. There is no way racism ended simply because Barack Obama was elected. Racism might be less of a factor in desperate times, but it didn't go away. Black people still struggle as a result of the "superstitious" racism that exists in America.

I refer, rather, to millions of Americans of all colors who think of racism as a hot topic at all. Journalists, academics, community leaders, concerned citizens, NPR listeners--all must break the habit of supposing it is our moral duty to keep racism front and center in discussions about how to help disadvantaged black people. Because in 2009, that's all it is--a habit.

If we forget about racism and don't discuss it, racism will go away? Is this man serious?

However, the young men are not shooting each other because white people don't like them. OK, one might fashion an involved, subtle argument as to how when a 15-year-old in Brooklyn shoots another one in the face, it is traceable to racism--likely "societal" or "institutional."

McWhorter is under the impression if we pretend systematic racism never existed, it might go away, as well as it's long term effects. Of course, that is why we are pretending the long term effects of systematic racism might not have a thing to do with income discrepancies and why people live in poverty and desperation in America.

The point is valid even when the terminology is "societal racism," "institutional racism" or "white privilege." Obsessing over things that cannot be changed and are not the real problem anyway is of no use to anyone. Doctoral theses carefully teasing out the role of "racism" in this phenomenon or that one will seem about as useful to posterity as the scribings of an alchemist.

These things can't be changed, so why worry about them. Yeah that is a rational line of thinking right there. These aren't the real problem, then what is the real problem?

This man is crazy as hell, and there is no way he can believe this hot mess he just wrote. Yes I called it a hot mess, and Forbes.com must have been going through some slow times to post this nonsense.