Bad Boys: Why?

I've never understood the attraction to "bad boys", i.e. thugs, gangsta, from the streets, a hood, or "soldier". I don't like folks who are prone to prison or jail. I have had no desire to date a man who treats me like crap. My idea of a bad boy was a guy who claimed he was an anarchist and dyed his hair blue. He was more of a sideline anarchist and never was one to put his anarchy into motion. I dated a bad boy once, it just wasn't my cup of tea, and to be honest he was really a deuce, not a bad boy.

What is the attraction to men who are "hood"? In the videos I posted one woman said she needed a man who was aggressive and that bad boys were better in bed and more experienced. Personally I think nice guys can have experience in bed, and maybe the quiet ones don't have to brag so much about how good they are in bed. Nice guys can go bad in the bedroom, and no one is going to complain. I just don't want you beating the hell out of me, or knocking me up and running off outside the bedroom. I also like to be respected on occasion, and not treated like a bitch or "ho". I also don't understand when did nice guys quit taking care of women? I thought the nice guys were the ones who stuck around, not left folks high and dry like the bad boys? So what is the attraction for the ladies who like their men bad? I don't get it.