Birthing Babies

So me and the husband decided to be crazy and have a natural childbirth in a birthing center. My mother is scared to death. My husband is hesitant, but it is a compromise between me wanting to have the baby at home and a hospital to him. Plus the place I want to have my baby is right down the street from a hospital, so if I or the baby need to get transferred, they got it covered.

My mother is wondering why I want to do natural instead of an epidural assisted normal hospital birth. It is sad, but this documentary kind of pushed me to the natural way. I thought about it last time I was pregnant, but tI was scared out of it. Not to mention here in the Dallas area, we have an usually high amount of c-sections and I don't want a c-section unless absolutely necessary and I don't want to induce labor unless necessary, and not to fit around the schedule of my doctors vacation (I had a friend whose doctor did this, seriously). C-sections are major surgeries, even if the scar isn't all that big and can be concealed. Not to mention the US in general has a very high neonatal mortality rate, and we are one of the few countries in the world where people don't use midwives and instead prefer medical intervention. Coming from insurance, group insurance at that, I can definitely see how having a hospital birth is a money maker and how many times things are done not in the best interest of the mother, but rather to prevent legal action on down the road. Also C-sections are a win win for doctors, more money because they are surgery, and they are quicker to perform than traditional natural labor. It costs between 8K and 12K to have a baby in a hospital, and don't have twins or a c-section you are looking at easily over $20K, and if you are uninsured, how do you pay for that if you aren't qualified for government assistance?

I think the misconception is that midwives are untrained grandmothers popping out babies on kitchen tables who don't wash their hands and chew off the umbilical cord and then cook up the placenta right after delivery. The midwives at the two birthing centers I am considering are all former Registered Nurses, the all have Master's in Nurse-Midwifery, and I am pretty sure they won't chew off the umbilical cord or cook up my placenta. The nurses in most hospital deliveries do most of the work anyway. They also have modern equipment and don't rely on lots of sheets and water. Technology that has been used in hospitals is the same technology midwives have access to.

I hope I don't sound like some dirty hippie, but honestly I think this is the best choice for me. I am not an advocate, just someone kind of tired of justifying my choice to family members over and over.