Dear Anonymous

A while back ago I made this post about why BM/WW IR is more prevalent than WM/BW IR. Last night I received a response to this post via the comment section from an anonymous. This was the response:

You black women just got bamboozeled!The white women are masters of keeping a man.They know how to shut their mouth when in public,help stick by him so he will be able to buy her that house and car.And we black men have great respect to find a white woman to stick with black in this race based world.Tell me black women describe the welfare case worker that told you to kick out the father because he is no good!Yes that's right the white woman.You see a black woman don't want to go with a man that gets his hands dirty for a living even though we make 40 to 100 grand a year with super benefits!White women have respect for a man that does labor work.Without labor work you would not have roads,cars,houses,food,hospitals,etc. etc..Now do you see how people look at as stupid for turning down this great supply of good men!The white women deserve black men because they know how to build a man up!We black men are not no damn movie stars we are just regular people,we don't want to be used for someone to try to live like they are some movie star!That's why black women are single and DESPERATE as hell on a crisses level .Clean up your act you stint wash and doush,learn to cook,keep your mouth shut in public,stop telling everybody all about your damn personal life,stop going out all the time like your a paid caberay singer,Until you learn what to do with a man stop begging for one.You did not even care about the black man until the white women picked us up,you had us to yourself for 400 years through slavery and racism.You talked about us and treated us any ole way because we had no where else to go.Now the black man starting get the reconition he deserves your caught without a man and holding onto a welfare check or working in a high rise overly dressed to hide that ain't got no man.And no the white man ain't gonna pick you up because he done had you for the last 400 years!Sparks fly between us black men and white women but black women white men battery been ran out!!!

I do not think white women are master's at keeping men. My mother has kept a man for over 35 years, I have aunts who have managed to keep men, I myself have kept a man for over 9 years. We are all black women. I know countless many white women who are single and divorced. Just because one manages to get married, doesn't mean that they stay married.

I am sorry, but I don't think all white women are stepford wives, and I do think it is odd you think women need to stick by their men so they can get a house and car. Black women never had the luxury of sticking by men, and we learned to obtain a car and house on our own, like many white women have.

Black women statistically are expected to marry men who are less educated and with less income than them, not more, white collar or blue collar. So that what you stated is not true. I went to college with many a white girls whose major goal was getting a Mrs. degree. I know many gold diggers of ALL hues.

As a black woman I can say I am not desperate. I am in a healthy, loving relationship. I know many black women like this. We are not all desperate. The marriage rates of black men and black women are not vastly different like you want to believe. 41% of black men and 43% of black women have never been married. Some black women do build up black men, but some black men don't like yourself don't want black women, and see what you want to see.

Newsflash, black women wash and douche. Some of us know how to cook, and some of us know what to do with a man, but sometimes we waste that knowledge on men not deserving of us. Men like you.

I will inform my husband he no longer loves me because he as a white man has had 400 years of me. I will also note that the biggest benefactor of welfare is WHITE women, not black women. I know lots of overly dressed people of all races working in high rises who are single.

All in all, it seems your comment was the typical lashing out at the thing you claim you want nothing to do with. I realize white men are not saviors, and that good men come in every race, why have you not figured that out? White women are not the answer to every black man's prayers.

Thank you,