Grandparents and Father In Laws Oh My!

So we made our normal trek to Houston last weekend to visit the grandparents. For all those interested, yes we stayed at a hotel, but on a positive note, I saw no sign of one of the main reasons why we stay at the Marriott versus their home though :)

Anyway when we visit we always visit the whole family. Cousins, uncles and aunt, and the father in law. I have said this before my husband has a distant relationship with his father for many reasons. His father is just a different kind of man. He is nice, he is open and welcome, he is excited he is about to become a grandfather, but he is completely misguided about race and race relations like the rest of the family.

Well we normally sit in their formal living room and chit chat, and have conversation about jobs, the family, etc. Normal stuff. He again refers to his former boss, as "as you know, that black guy", and for some reason we were talking about the economy and how things need to change. For some reason this became a discussion into hispanic immigration and how the neighborhood has changed from being all white to majority hispanic. No one else was talking about his, but his father, this discussion on race came out of the blue. My father in law said "The Mexicans come here and have infested the places like rats and roaches". My husbands grandparents remained silent. My husband on the other hand, was like "what do you mean?", in utter and complete shock and disbelief, anyone would have the audacity to say such a horrible thing. His father then backtracks, and says "that is what they say, it is just a saying" and then the conversation is dropped. Now most the time I hold my tongue, but my husband has decided he is going to tell the truth. So he is calling folks out. I love my husband :)

Now on to religion, as we arrived, his grandparents were having a prayer session with two evangelicals that knocked on their door. They invited us to join, my husband promptly declined and we stayed in their office, while they had their prayer session. We also kept forgetting to pause for the family to pray. I find it odd that the family is still praying together considering we have non denominational Christians, and new Jews for Jesus. I have never met Christian converts to the Jewish religion, and they seem not to be aware of the fact their own religion believes that being Jewish is a birthright or a result of parentage, regardless of religious beliefs. According to my husband's uncle and aunt, the traditional Jews are still going to hell because they don't accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am confused by this logic.

All in all the trip was good. The bed at the Marriott was awesome, I am contemplating buying some of their pillows and bed linens. My husband loved the pillows and are still talking about them. We also enjoyed spending time with family aside from the few uncomfortable moments.