I Don't Understand Israel/Gaza Conflict

Please forgive me if I offend anyone. I know I am going to, but I don't understand the U.S. unyielding support for Israel, no matter what. Number 1, I never understood why the Jewish people were given land that already had occupants on it. I don't understand why people wondering why those former occupants were upset. I don't get the current actions of Israel right now.

Why does America support Israel come hell or high water? I understand that from aspects of the Torah, the land is supposedly Jewish land, but outside of religious texts, what rights does Israel have to exist? I understand that back during 628 the Jews did live there and were expelled, but do we really want to go back literally millennia to lay claim to certain lands and remove the existing inhabitants? If so the very existence of the U.S. is in trouble, as well as various other countries.

I also can't help to think of the overwhelming lack of support for the mere concept of reparations for slavery and injustices done to black people in this country, while it seems perfectly ok to expel other people from land to give it to someone else, to make up for injustices done to a particular group.

I just finished reading this op ed piece from former President Jimmy Carter. Why is Israel backing out of the cease fire, I know the Hamas is per America a Muslim terrorist group, but why is it that Israel is kicking ass now, and taking names later? To the detriment of the humanitarian efforts they agreed to. Killing children in schools and killing people in U.N. trucks who are trying to provide help to me seems a bit.....wrong.

Even the Red Cross is getting upset.

I think this current conflict has confirmed my questions about America's love affair of Israel. I never understood it, and with the current actions of Israel, I still don't.

Am I wrong to question the love affair, am I wrong to question Israel? I do want to note, I have nothing against the Jewish religion or Jewish people, I just really don't understand how and why Israel is recognized, considering the manner of how it came into existence. I also want to note, I am not a Hamas fan, nor am I saying the Palestinians are complete angels with no blood on their hands either.