Shahrazad Ali

OK I have done two posts on this woman, Shahrazad Ali. You can find them here and here. This is a woman who believes men should be able to hit women, when they are out of order. That we have smaller brains, and that we need to basically wait on men hand and foot and get nothing in return. As you can tell, I disagree with her, but these posts that are very old, still keep getting responses. So I will post my latest response to these posts. Again this is from a black man, I have noticed a spike in a certain demographic of black men reading this blog, and unfortunately the uglyblackjohns, rippas, and mr. noface demographic ain't what I am getting. There appears to be a "black men need to take control of black women" movement on the internet, in which folks completely embrace Shahrazad Ali.

Here is the latest comment I received from a Shahrazad Ali supporter, who happens to also have a blog:

hello miss sidity

i did a google search for shahrazad ali and found your post

hopefully you will be open minded about my comment and post it for some open discussion

some havent been in the past

but if you dont i dont care

black women are out of control

they thnk they can say whatever they want to whoever they want and in most cases they are not checked by brothers because brothers dont want to be ostracized by women

the black woman has a lot of problems

and i dont think they should be ignored

you all have completely gone out of your ever loving mind because you all are completely alienated from your original nature

it is the mans responsibilty to go out to protect and procure resources for his woman and his childen

woemn have other responsibliites

when a woman is forced to perform characteristics that men would normally do she has a great deal some of her femininty

she has been forced outside of her true nature and thus takes on manly characteristics in order to cope with her stressful lifestyle

of course the black woman has been put into this situation since slavery

which means what:

The white man is responsible for our seperation and our hatred of each other

divide and conquer

thats what it is now and that is what it will always be as long as we are under there control

and we still are

thank you

evn if you dont post this your post helped me to articulate my thoughts in a way i wouldnt have done before

Now I am sure you guys know my feelings on this subject, but what are your feelings?