What Does It All Mean???

So occasionally I have a series of crazy dreams. I can't ever remember them all, but they usually involve me being kidnapped, threatened, or held prisoner. The reason this dream was so weird was that the crazy folks I was dealing with were Robert Downey Jr. and some guy I saw on a episode of intervention. It started off I was drinking in the backseat of a car with Robert Downey Jr. and some unknown girl in the front. Why I was drinking alcohol in the back of the car like a whino, I don't know. I have never done that in my life, not even in college. For some reason it was late, and there was a car driving in slow in front of the car I was in, and it was a one lane road (that could come from my real life frustration of driving on roads near my home (it is normal to get on a road driving behind someone going 20 miles under the speed limit, no lie. FRUSTRATING!!!!) . Well Robert Downey Jr. got frustrated and rammed the back of the car. The guy stopped his car, got out and for some reason got in our car. Robert Downey Jr. then strangled the man and killed him, left him on the side of the road and kept right on going, like that is normal. We then went back to what I assume was his house. I decided I had enough excitement (wonder why?) and wanted to go home. Robert Downey Jr. decided I shouldn't go home. He pulled a razor on me and told me to stay there, I did. I decided I was going to wait for him to go to sleep and leave, but when I did that, he would quickly wake up and pull a gun on me as I got into my car, each and every time. At one point in the dream, after several times of trying to leave, at one point I just decided to lay down and go to sleep. Well he got mad I didn't tell him I was going to sleep, and then a razor came towards my neck and I had to fight him off. I don't know my dreams never seem cohesive, but I ended up living in a house with both Robert Downey Jr. and the guy from intervention, where whenever I left or tried to escape or even tried to go to bed, I got threatened with guns, knives, and razors Eventually I was able to call the police, but they never came. I eventually found a knife, so I decided to escape. As the guy from intervention tried to attack me, I started cutting him. I then escaped through a window, screaming fire, fire, trying to get the neighbors attention. Then I woke up.

What the hell does this mean? Why am I now scared of Robert Downey Jr. as if I actually hang out with this man?