Aunts and Uncles Oh My!!!

A few weekends ago I spent the day with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I love my aunt and uncle, they are very sweet people. They love my husband, and they are in general a lot of fun to be around.

My mother, aunt, and me had a late girls night out in the formal living room, chit chatting and talking. My aunt notices the family Bible on the coffee table, and starts looking at the pictures in it. I explained to her as a child that book scared me because of the pictures. The pictures of Jesus being crucified, seeing Lazarus rise from the dead, and Abraham holding a knife to his son as he is about to sacrifice him. When you are five years old, it is definitely a scary prospect. Jesus doesn't look comfortable with blood all over him and nails drilled into his hands. Lazarus for all intensive purposes to a five year old is a zombie ghost, and Abraham seems like a man I want to avoid, if he is willing to kill his son, who else is he willing to kill? I am not trying to insult the Bible, but as a five year old, those were scary images to me. My aunt looked at me like I was crazy. She didn't look at it from my young perspective, but rather that is was truth and acceptable. I then asked her how often she let her kids at five watch movies and T.V. shows with zombies and people getting murdered. My mother finally understood why the pictures scared me, my aunt was like it was truth, but I had to explain my knowledge of the Bible as a child was very innocent. I watched Superbook, Flying House, and Circle Square. They were very kid friendly, very non violent, and it gave me warm fuzzys, it didn't scare me. I thought of Easter Bunnies and Christmas as a five year old, not the attempted murder of Abraham's son by Abraham himself. My children's Bible was way more comforting than the evil picture Bible that was our family Bible.

So it makes me wonder. Should you approach the Bible differently with your young children vs. an adult I don't know if kids fully grasp and understand what is going on in the Bible and it is kind of scary, at least to me it was anyway.