The Obsession Over Color

So people are noticing my sexy beer gut and figuring out I am pregnant. As a result, people make the weirdest comments to me. Such as:

"You're child will have good hair"

"You're child will have beautiful skin"

Recently, at my current place of employment, I have had no fewer than five people ask me what I am mixed with. Black people. Black people with light skin and green eyes asking me and my black ass what I am mixed with and squealing in delight when I tell them I am married to a white man and pregnant with his baby. It is automatically assumed biracial equals pretty in their eyes.

This scares the hell out of me. I hate to say it, but my baby is going to be awesome and the most beautiful baby in the world, because I said so. If my baby comes out darker than me with the kinkiest hair known to mankind, it will be beautiful. If it comes out with blue eyes, blonde hair, and the whitest skin possible, it will be beautiful. If it comes out with six arms, twelve legs, and purple skin, it will be the prettiest baby alive. Right now from what I can tell, the baby only has two arms and legs, but anything could happen, right?

I want to figure out who the hell I will have to slap first when the baby actually does come. The person who starts looking behind the ears to determine actual skin color, or the person looking for the "good hair".

Seriously, why is it that black folks put light skin, "good hair", and "bright eyes" as a wonderful premium? Especially in the year 2009.

I do still wonder how we will address race with our child. I am jumping the gun, but I am trying really hard to fine a decent school that has a good mixture of culture and races, as my lilly white suburban town I live in now, doesn't offer as much diversity as I would like for my child. I think my upbringing hindered me a lot culturally for a long time, and don't want the same for my child. My baby better not pull a Peola aka Sarah Jane from "Imitation of Life" on me.