Shopping While Black

I can so relate to this. Being followed in a store or having people explain to me the type of store I was in. When I worked retail in high school, I once had a customer tell me I didn't provide good customer service while I was assisting another customer. She then explained that I wasn't in Dallas, and that I should know how to deal with people of her caliber. I lived in the same town she did, but to her, I had to be from the inner city of Dallas. The woman was fighting with a 17 year old and insinuating I was beneath her, not due to age or maturity level, but race.

I am a bit upset that the actress "dressing down" included her wearing her hair natural vs. straight, that is a bit insulting to assume her hair in it's natural state isn't "upscale" enough.

Of course I have decided I won't shop in certain stores due to their history. I will never set foot in a Neiman Marcus after learning that in the 1950s blacks could buy, but couldn't try on clothes in their stores. I don't shop at JC Penney or Sears due to their need to have black folks shop in their catalogs exclusively in the segregated south.