You Know Hell Has Frozen Over

OK, I have noticed the increase in Anonymous comments on my blog, and I have no problems with Anonymous folks posting, but sometimes I think that is where the trolls come from. I also want to acknowledge that I have noticed some of my followers follow my blog, along with others that don't really mesh with the demographic of this blog. If you frequent a blog about a black woman married to a white man, and then turn around and go to blogs like Mr. Laurelton Queens and Black Men Confronting The Lies And Distortions, I start to wonder what your intentions are of coming to my blog.

Recently I stumbled over to Mr. Laurelton Queens blog, and I wasn't happy with what I saw, in matter of fact I responded to him. Probably in not the nicest way possible. In matter of fact, I will go ahead and just quote myself in response to this posting.

This is such BS. Seriously, you want to believe this to be true, but number one, most of the black women in the world, much like much of the black men in this world, didn't grow up in the ghetto. Some of us grew up in the suburbs. I make no qualms about being one of six black kids in my high school. One of three in my elementary schools, and in case of private schooling, one of two. Living in republican, redneck Texas, I have met many a white guys parents, and there were no problems. As of recent, at least, no one has ever accused me of downplaying my blackness, a negative of living in a white neighborhood is, you never have the convenience of not realizing that you are black. Overall I can say, even with my obviously black ass, I could still pull a decent white guy, and many black women can. There are many black women who can pull a decent guy of any race, you and people like you, just don't think so.

My husband didn't have to "settle" with me. He isn't considered ugly by any stretch of the imagination, is educated, and makes six figures. He wasn't hurting for women in order to "settle" for me. The problem with black men like you is you feel that black women should have to "settle" because you don't think they are deserving of love or are "beneath" you and most black males. Just because you don't think black women are not deserving of your love, and because one white guy on a eHarmony message board doesn't think so, doesn't mean that we aren't. Some of us grew up with loving families where our black fathers loved our black mothers and helped raise their families, and we realized what a healthy relationship was, regardless of race.

You are right, no man of any color wants a desperate women, but no decent women of any color wants a desperate man so eager to degrade, humiliate, and bully a woman into choosing a mate, based upon skewed statistics and warped perceptions.

Like you said, "Bitch Wake Up".

Note in this posting he is insulting Evia, who can't stand me, and her followers flock over here on a regular basis to berate me, and I still responded. He also posted a vlog of someone, I don't necessarily agree with either (I kind of tuned her out after she went on a rant about how horrible black Americans are). Yeah, hell did freeze over. I just don't subscribe well to the bullying, degrading, and insulting of black women and their intelligence, no matter who does it.

I don't quite understand why folks who dedicate whole blogs to sell out black women, even care about them, those are the women they don't want anyways, so why would they be so eager to talk about them, if they aren't desirable choices for them. I talk about white men a lot because that is what I am attracted to, and that is what I am married to. So yeah I focus a lot on race relations between white and black people. Call me crazy, it is a concern or issue I had when dating.