Buying Black

Is this racist? This couple has attempted to shop black for a year. Some say it is racist, but is it really. How many times do whites, blacks, and other races shop white exclusively and just not know it. How many times have you met a person who won't shop in "certain area of towns", which usually mean "ethnic"? How many times have you heard the stereotypes that most black businesses are too high, have bad customer service, and are low class.

In terms of myself, I don't shop exclusively black, but I will say that I in terms of my hair care products, I usually go to black owned companies to buy my stuff. I did this after learning about the exclusion of other races from the Korean dominated black beauty supply industry. I was in awe that black people could and would be excluded from a business which the primary demographic is black women, and I decided to support black businesses, whose primary demographic were for people of color with "ethnic" hair textures, as most big companies who do tend to have "ethnic" hair care products tend to have products that focus on straightening ethnic hair, not managing or styling the hair in a natural state, and since I am a natural head, I really don't need a relaxer or the products that go with it.

So is supporting a black business racist? Do you think white folks could or would support a black business in a black part of town?