Do Friends Influence Your Taste?

I was over at the blog Beautiful Black Woman-Thoughts of a White B'woy, and he had an entry about his taste and how some people tell him his he has horrible taste in women. He prefers black women, but the gamut of black women is vast, at least on his site. He has some that are model thin, others who are "thick", others who are light skinned, some dark skinned, some with relaxed hair, others with naturals or locs. He basically just likes black women.

Now I know that friends can influence each other. I know I have adapted sayings that my friends tell me, or started liking certain types of music that I wouldn't otherwise have been interested in if I weren't around the people who exposed me to them. Do you think that your taste in what you find attractive can also be influenced by friends? If you are a black girl who is attracted to white guys, and your friends start saying negative things about white men, would you be inclined to keep your preference on the down low, or pretend you preference doesn't even exist and deny it? Same for white guys, I know guys are pretty much into the physical and looks are probably more important to a man than a woman in most instances, but if you friends pretty much weren't into black women, and didn't think they were attractive, but yet you yourself were attracted to them, would you share your preference with them, or keep it a secret? Or deny it? I know many a white guy who have told me they are attracted to black women, but would be a bit apprehensive about dating one, just because it is a new taboo. It seems some men have to "work their way up" to black women. They are scared of what friends and family would think, or know what they would think and don't want to deal with the hassle.

Would you deny who you are attracted to, because you know how your friends would react?

PS: I found on the blog, the link to a dating site targeted to black women. Men Love Black Women aka menlovebw.com. I guess it might be worth checking out, I can't check it out due to husband reasons, and that would look suspect, so don't yell at me, if it ends up being a dud. Just thought I would pass on the information.