Does Steve Harvey Share The Sentiments of Most Men?

OK, so I am confused. When did Steve Harvey from "Kings of Comedy" and the "Steve Harvey Show" become a relationship expert? From what I understand he is on wife number three. People who marry repeatedly shouldn't give marriage advice. I understand getting married once or twice, but we really need to reevaluate ourselves when we approach wedding number three. I am just saying.

I received an interesting email about Steve Harvey ripping off this idea from a woman who wrote a book with the same title and concept of "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man". Her name is Sharon P. Carson. You can go to her website here. Just FYI, she wrote a book with the same title and concept back in 2004.

Aside from the alleged plagiarism, I was looking at a few quotes from the book. One that struck me as particularly odd was this one (from the Steve Harvey version, not the Sharon P. Carson version):

"If you’ve got your own money, your own car, your own house, a Brinks alarm system, a pistol and a guard dog and your practically shouting from the roof that you don’t need a man to provide for you or protect you, then we will see no need to keep coming around."

This struck me as odd, but not surprising. I had heard it before, primarily on youtube from black men who spend their days dissecting with a vengeance what is wrong with all black women, while pretending black men are devoid of any blame as to why black relationships are in a perceived "crisis". They all get mad when it is brought up that black women tend to on average seek out higher education more and fare pretty well in the corporate world. It is like an educated black woman with a decent job is off limits, that she is damaged goods because she has the audacity to see herself as an equal to a man of any race. Of course I dismiss this thought process, as it generally comes from black women hating black men on youtube, which I know don't make up the majority of black men, thankfully.

Maybe I am being sensitive, but I see the quote as telling women to accept mediocrity so a man can feel better about himself. That is how I interpreted the quote, fair or not fair.

If a woman manages to become successful and financially independent, that says she doesn't need a man? Seriously? When a man becomes successful, does he then decide to swear off women? Why is it the appearance of success, make it appear that a woman does not need a man? Just because in one aspect of a woman's life she is successful, it doesn't mean that she feels she is lacking in other parts or has needs in other parts. So is a successful woman devoid of emotional and physical needs because she bought her own house and car? Why is it men who have this are not seen as potential turn offs to women? Do men need to feel needed in ALL aspects of a woman's life in order to feel the need to "stick around"?

*****Off Topic******

Thank all of you guys for your support in the past week or so. I really appreciate it. I have received some wonderful, encouraging emails, and I apologize profusely for not responding, but I promise I will eventually respond. It has been a difficult time, and I am not quite where I need to be yet in that aspect. I just really again want to say thank you guys.