Matthew McConaughey and his "love" of the black woman.

At the request of Dani, I am doing a post on the comments made about black women by Matthew McConaughey during an interview with Elle Magazine. I will say that because I have always had a crush on him, and think the man is hotness, even in a dirty, naked, pot smoking, bongo drums kind of way, this post might be a bit biased. I will also say, due to my feminazi ways, I hate Elle magazine and everything it stands for. It is vapid, empty, and subscribes to beauty ideals not realistic in society. Read Bitch, you will feel much better. Plus the name is so much classier than "Elle", ok it isn't, but it is a great magazine. Here is what Matthew said (Yeah I am on a first name basis with him, we are tight like that......NOT):

ELLE: Any woman you can think of who might not be coverworthy, but whom you find attractive?

MM: Not so specifically, but yeah. And I see it more with black women, who get dressed up and they’re wearin’ everything to fit snug, and they’re walking the walk. And you’re like, Man, look at you go! Where did you get that? She might be a larger package, but boy, she sure understands how she’s wrapped.

I think it is kind of nice for Matthew to make the comments. It means that even Hollywood heart throb caliber of guys don't all expect women to be model thin, and even if you aren't model thin, it isn't a crime to wear something you think looks good on you. It gives you hope. Even if I don't look like a model, I can still wow a guy. Wow. Considering that "regular" normal guys drool after the supermodel, plastic surgery laden women that we could never be, unless we liked botox, silicone breasts, lipsuction, it is nice to know guys who actually are in shape, attractive, and successful can find us "regular girls" attractive. Can I not express my disdain at overweight, balding men demanding that the women they date be in shape and attractive, when they look like a man getting ready for a Comic Con convention. Nothing wrong with Comic Con, but your "Thundercats" shirt doesn't really woo the ladies too often. I am just saying.

One criticism of black women is that we are over confident. That we might dress in a way that we shouldn't due to us not having the "right body type". I think many of us do this because in reality, if we don't do it, who will, the people that usually are doted on and deemed attractive typically don't look like us, and when they do find them attractive, they usually only look like some of us, some of us who look like we might have white ancestry somewhere back in the family line.

Even us regular girls know or have a friend who might be "plus sized" (which to some could be anything over a size six), but she can steady look cute, rock stilettos with the best of them, and can always pull a man. I like that about black women, some of us do try to put our best foot forward, even if we aren't the "ideal".

Of course Matthew could be on of those guys who just likes black women. We all know he has a history of liking those of a darker hue, which is a miracle considering he comes from the Piney woods of east Texas. Where was he when I was in that neck of the woods.Probably in high school or college where as I was in elementary school.

Your thoughts? Do you think these comments could be a double edge sword? Some sites had other opinions, very valid, very understandable.