What Is Wrong With Folks On Youtube?

This is the voice of Tony48219 from youtube. He is one of the youtubers I often mention. He is or I should say was part of the black women hating black man crew that is very vocal on youtube. The man is obviously insane. Proof of this insanity:

Now when someone in my chat box (I can't give names, they were anon) said someone on youtube killed a woman and then killed himself, I didn't think much of it. I then saw who it was, and I was in awe. I had seen his videos before, in particular his views of black women and atheism, and I knew he was crazy, but I hadn't looked at any of his videos in a while because it wasn't a niche I was really all that interested in, as we obviously had opposing views. I remember in one video, in which he determined that it is ok to sometimes smack around a woman. He wasn't joking, he was serious, I knew then something was wrong.

My concern is this, these two people on youtube shared a class at their college, but they weren't dating or known to be friends, so why did he choose to kill her of all people? Apparently he was interested in her, but it didn't seem like she or him were particularly close. What makes me even angrier is some of this man's fellow cohorts on youtube talking about she wasn't worth killing and calling her a cute "Ghetto Chick". Why was the girl ghetto? Simply because she was black? Why is her life worthless?