3rd Reich History Month

I was again over at Rippa's blog, when I saw this genius comment from this person.

I think every part of this country has something unique and fucked up about it. I live in Virginia now and what gets me is how muthfuckas act like the South won the fucking war. There is Civil War shit everywhere in Virginia. You go to Germany and you won't find them celebrating Adolph Hitler Day. But in Virginia, they celebrate Confederate Heroes! What's heroic about owning human beings like they were pets?

He is on point. Seriously, I live in Texas. Everyone is southern and proud, religious, and patriotic, except me. I am the weirdo. I am proud to be a southerner, but I don't rejoice in losing the Civil War or living in a confederate state. I am proud to be a southerner, don't get me wrong though.

"Texas is the home of the players and pimps
Showin naked ass in the great state of Texas
Third coast born, that mean we're Texas raised
Texas mother f&*@*$ that's where I stay!!!!"

Thank you Paul Wall and let me do my obligatory R.I.P. DJ Screw and Pimp C. Shout out to Swishahouse!!!!!!!! I have never showed naked ass in the great state of Texas though.  I think I dated Paul Wall's twin at a dark time in my life. There is also a shout out to William's Chicken in the song. If you don't know about William's Chicken, it is the best, and I think it is law that you must have gold teeth in order to serve the chicken at this establishment. Nuff Said. I digress.

I love Texas, it is the only home I know. I know it is flawed, but it isn't all that bad. The KKK doesn't chase you down daily, nor is the n-word thrown at you all that often. I won't deny it hasn't happened though. Yes I know everyone except me is a republican, but even the republicans can be nice at times, we just don't bring up politics.

For some reason though many a Texan want to relive the good old days of the Confederacy. They want to wave their flags, put them on their trucks, they want to recreate the civil war, but with an alternate ending. They want to believe Sam Houston was indeed the President of the United States of America. But I think these folks forget the south lost the Civil War, Texas lost at the Alamo, and that the Yellow Rose of Texas was not a blonde haired white woman but a half black and half white woman.

Emily West Morgan aka the "Yellow Rose of Texas" was an "indentured servant" forced to serve a 99-year contract. Yeah she was a slave. A slave that per legend basically ratted out Santa Ana and the Mexican Army to protect her master. She was by all accounts fighting to keep herself in slavery for the sake of Texas' independence, who was fighting Mexico because Texans were mad they outlawed slavery. Her master was impressed and supposedly freed her, but there is no record of her getting freed. Ain't that some shit. Again, I digress. Yall know you wanted to know the history of Paul Wall, Williams Chicken, and Emily West Morgan.

Too many want to embrace the whole "Texican" culture, some of us believe we are our own country, and we just tolerate being part of the United States. Personally I put country before state, but that is just me, and I sure ain't taking the side of folks who would have me as slaves or who embraces segregation under the guise of "states rights". Call me crazy. We also like the idea of living in the Wild West doing our own thing. I like modern technology and I like being part of a cohesive unit. I sure as hell like having a black President. It is a nice change of pace. Still waiting to get a black governor in Texas, but that will never, ever happen. You see we got folks trying to secede mad because they got a black man running things, and we would have an assassination attempt if the governor of Texas was a black man. As you know, we all got guns down here. I think we would have to use a Dave Chappelle strategy if we get a black governor; he has to get a Mexican Lieutenant Governor so the threat of assassination is lowered.

Germany I am sure during Hitler's reign had something, maybe one thing positive going for it, but they don't have 3rd Reich month to celebrate these things do they? Per my husband's family, over there they act as if Hitler was a fictional character and doesn't exist. You don't say his name, just like Beetlejuice.

Do they have "Hiter Youth" reunions or holidays to celebrate and preserve German Heritage? Or Sturmabteilung and Schutzstaffel week?

In Germany is "Throw The Jew Down The Well" the unofficial song of the country?

I have to wonder being a black southerner, if my southern heritage goes beyond the civil war, why can't those who embrace the confederacy? The Civil War doesn't equate into my pride as a southerner. So why do those who embrace the confederacy not have pride beyond the war that represents slavery, murder, and loss? Why embrace a flag or symbol that represents oppression? Is that all white southern heritage has to offer? I sincerely hope not, and I don't think it does. Shouldn't we have Union Soldiers remembered as they were Americans and not people who fought to leave the union? How patriotic is that?